Travel Safety – Top 5 Safety Products Any Traveler Needs

Travel Safety – Top 5 Safety Products Any Traveler Needs

Are you a traveler who takes everything new with them when traveling abroad? Or are you so afraid of pickpocketing or being robbed that you don’t enjoy the culture and your surroundings? Read the top 5 security products any traveler needs when abroad.

1. Lock or combination lock

Locks and combination locks are some of the most versatile security products when traveling abroad. You must use it from the time you leave your front door until the time you return.

You can buy a set of 4 locks with the same key. This way you don’t need to carry a whole bunch of keys with you just to access your luggage! Or try a combination lock. There are no keys involved, but you do need to remember the combination. Make sure the lock actually fits the zippers of your luggage!

Either way, locks and combination locks are very useful for:

  • Lock your luggage while on public transport or leave it in the hotel’s luggage room.
  • Lock the closet or storage box in your bedroom.
  • You can even use it to lock two or three pieces of luggage together. This makes them difficult to catch and steal.

2. The money belt

An easy way to hide your money or credit cards when traveling is to use a money belt. They come in a wide range of options from neck bags, waist straps, actual belts with zipper sections and even leg belts. All of these are great ways to protect your possessions.

If you keep these money belts under your clothes, there is almost no way for a pickpocket. However, if you are constantly withdrawing money from your money belt in a public place, it will be very obvious to any thieves who might try to rip you off. We recommend that you continue to use a wallet with a small amount of money and save your money belt for your cash, passport and credit cards.

3. Cable lock

Use the cable lock to lock pieces of luggage together in the luggage room, or tie your luggage around a bench while you sleep. It can be opened with a key or by combination. It’s a great safety product to use if you use a lot of public transportation.

We used them to put the fasteners through and through other fasteners to hold it together. On the night trains, we put a bell on the cable, so that no one could touch our backpacks without us hearing them.

4. Network security products

Security netting products have become very popular with tourists, especially with people who have not traveled before. It will give you peace of mind that your backpack can’t be cut.

It’s basically a handbag, backpack, camera bag, or many other types of luggage with metal mesh sewn into the lining of the bag and the strap. This will prevent a potential thief from cutting into your bag. However, it will not stop you from the kidnapping and escape attack.

If you plan to buy netting safety products, be sure to buy one with it sewn into the lining. Don’t buy a net to cover your luggage. They are cumbersome and difficult to attach and attach properly.

5. TSA locks

What are the TSA locks I hear you ask? TSA stands for Transportation Security Administration, which is an agency of the US Department of Homeland Security. A TSA lock is a special type of padlock or combination lock that can be opened by customs officials when entering the USA.

If you don’t use a TSA lock, your combination padlocks/padlocks are likely to be broken by customs officials. There is also a possibility that they will cut your luggage.

Above are the top 5 security products that all travelers should use. This does not depend on travel style, budget, age or travel destination. These items will keep your belongings safe!