Travel – Air Travel Tips For The Family

Travel – Air travel tips for the family

Air travel with young children can be a source of stress for traveling parents. The following tips are intended to help parents and children travel with ease. Arriving at the airport two hours or an hour before the scheduled time is very important. Your kids will have time to get to know the area and you will have all the time to buy snacks. You should always remember to carry your passports, including adult identification cards. Remember to pack all important documents for your family members such as emergency phone numbers and medical records.

Carry non-perishable snacks for the kids as most airlines do not provide snacks. Most airlines recommend snacks like; Dried fruits, puffed wheat and sliced ​​cheese. Carry powdered milk and treated water for mixing, and avoid using tap water from an airplane because you’re not sure what the water is treated with. In order to give your baby a good rest, carry a light blanket, sweater or jacket that is easy to put on or remove depending on the temperature of the plane. Young children get bored quickly, so pack a small bag with their favorite toys and storybooks in your bag. If you have an entertaining book or magazine for you and your children, this will be very interesting especially if you help them answer some questions in the magazines.

While going through different checkpoints, one parent can line up while the other takes care of the kids in the open spaces of the terminal. However, all family members must stay close in case travel agents need to see all passengers. Parents traveling with their child in a carrier car seat should keep the car seat with them until they reach their destination. Make sure your trolley has a tag with all the necessary information such as your address, name and contacts and if possible pack the trolley in your bag.

If your flight is delayed after boarding, ask the cabin crew if children can play on the plane to avoid boredom and try to engage them in a quiet game. To reduce ear pressure when the plane takes off, give gum to older children and milk to younger children. You can also tell stories, sing softly, or lull them to sleep. Give children toys only when they ask for them. Give them one item at a time to keep them busy.