Travel Advice For Homeless Travelers In America

Travel advice for homeless travelers in America

The vagabond traveler does not have to be the typical vagabond who relies on bushes, rest and river water. Bums are ideally defined as enthusiasts – bums don’t plan their trips and just keep moving from place to place looking for a thrill. So, if you are a backpacker bum traveling to America, then this article is really for you. Here are some basic tips (however funny they may sound) to keep in mind for a better experience throughout your nomadic trek.

Like your trip memories? Make sure you have a journal. A blog on the Internet will never be as good as pen and paper. Read it 20 years later and you’ll know what we mean. Tramps who travel across America can be a story (not a diary/journal). If you drink alcohol, always carry your own bottle/wine openers. You will often find yourself stuck with a bottle of wine or beer and nothing to open. It would be such a bummer.

The vagrant traveler in America always carries a deck of playing cards. It will help you kill boredom and make new friends. A roll of toilet paper is a versatile travel necessity in so many ways that it’s not just a doormat. Use plastic bottles to carry things, not bottles. Glass packaging means much more weight to carry. They come in handy for salt, pepper, detergent powder, and more. Also, keep stocking up on bags of ketchup, vinegar, tissue paper, salt, and whatever you get where and when you get it.

Another good idea for interacting with American locations during your vagrant trip is to increase your GK. Find out some facts about your country and town that people love to ask. Buy calling cards smartly. There are many options available in the market. Find the person who can call the maximum number of minutes. The backpacker card such as VIP, HI and others will help you save a lot of money when staying in hostels.