Travel Advice For Bali – Sanur Beach

Travel Advice For Bali – Sanur Beach

Travel Advice For Bali – Sanur Beach. As Bali’s oldest developed tourist destination, Sanur is known for the role it played in the islands’ renaissance. Despite the great development and the large number of restaurants and hotels, it maintains a quiet and comfortable atmosphere. Sanur is the perfect family destination, offering a quiet, peaceful beach during the day and friendly appeal at night.

Travel Advice For Bali – Sanur Beach

One of the most satisfying aspects of Sanur is its wide stretch of beachfront. The boardwalk-like footpath covering about five kilometers allows visitors to stroll and explore, stopping by if desired for refreshment or a snack at one of the many beach-side restaurants and cafes.

Sanur’s beautiful white sand beach is protected by large coral reefs, which make for low-key surf ideal for novice kite surfers and families with young children. Well-stocked bars and affordable food and drinks have turned this area into a popular evening destination for all kinds of tourists.

Located at a 20-minute drive from Sanur International Airport, it provides plenty of activities and interest for travelers. In July, the International Kite Festival brings color to the skies as thousands of giant kites are flown to ask the Hindu gods for help with the crops and harvest.

Visitors can discover what it must have been like to be an early expat in Bali at Le Mayor Museum. The Mangrove Information Center is located in the huge 600-hectare mangrove forest south of Sanur. Two boardwalks guide visitors through an educational look at the mangroves and the important role they play in the ecological balance of the area.

The five kilometer path along Sanur Beach offers some great photo opportunities with plenty of food and refreshment stops along the way. The local evening markets are a foodie’s delight that will engage your senses and whet your appetite.

Sanur is one of the best places on the island to start your day diving excursions. Countless operators provide tours to various dive sites around Bali including wrecks and coral reefs. PADI accredited courses are available for beginners through to advanced instructors.

Most major hotels offer in-house spa facilities and there are a number of independent spa and wellness centers in the area that offer luxury packages at a fraction of the price you would pay back home. Before you indulge, you may want to take part in any one of a number of water sports options available along the beachfront including kite surfing, windsurfing, paragliding, or water skiing.

Where to stay in Sanur Beach:

Natah Bell Villas:

Traditional Balinese one and two bedroom villas, each with its own entrance, open plan living and dining area with full service kitchen. This property is small by Bali standards with only 4 villas in the complex offering a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Enjoy peace and quiet from about $95 USD per night.

Pondok Ayu Hotel:

Another small boutique property with exceptional service and convenient amenities. Nestled within beautiful tropical gardens, this award-winning budget hotel offers air-conditioned guestrooms, a large swimming pool and fine dining at Benno Restaurant. Rates start at $70/night.

Puri Santarian:

Located on the quieter southern end of Sanur Beach, this beachfront hotel offers two guest pools, a beach club and excellent in-house dining facilities. There are a range of rooms with garden views or beach front bungalows as well as a few well-appointed suites. Excellent value for money with tariffs starting at USD 95 per night.

Sanur Residence:

A beautifully designed property offering 3 bedroom villas located right on the beachfront about 5 minutes north of Sanur. With three 9-bedroom villas, accommodation is regularly let in for small groups providing intimate and exclusive accommodation. Private pool and great amenities staffed with full staff including chef, maids and gardener. Villas are available from $180 per night.

Mahabala Villa:

A collection of twenty luxuriously-appointed private villas, each with its own plunge pool, outdoor shower, daybed and massage bale. The resort offers a full service spa, European-style bar and restaurant. Attention to detail and first-class amenities start at $325 per night.

Although Sanur is the oldest of Bali’s tourist areas, it still offers everything for even the most discerning traveler. This picturesque beachfront community is especially recommended for families and is the perfect place for a relaxing and enjoyable stay in Bali.