The Best Last-Minute Travel Deals Of 2010

The Best Last-Minute Travel Deals Of 2010

The Best Last-Minute Travel Deals Of 2010. The best last-minute travel deals in 2010 will be city breaks. National travel may show a few promising target spots, but not as many as a city traveler will enjoy. Forward-thinking travelers strategically target vacation spots across the country and put their info on file with a sympathetic concierge or travel organizer, but the true blue-eyed procrastinator should rely on city venues for the most savings.

The Best Last-Minute Travel Deals Of 2010

Beach breaks

Resorts are notorious for scrambling to fill vacancies, and last-minute travelers can score huge deals. The downside to this approach is the need to be flexible and accept that a traveling party may be split up in order to fill different rooms. However, it is an excellent way to stay at high-end resorts at very low prices.

Walking tours

Historical walking tours are a favorite of travelers on a city break, and they usually offer last-minute sign-up deals. Since the tour guide has to give the full tour whether or not there are plenty of vacationers around, the organizers try to make it as worthwhile as possible by opening unfilled slots at rock-bottom prices.


Travel organizers who specialize in city breaks often arrange tours, restaurant meals, hotel stays, and museum visits on attractive itineraries. If these tours include transportation provided by the tour operator, the odds are good that he/she is willing to make deals when the next tours fail at full occupancy. With fuel costs so high, filling every seat on the tour bus is a must.

Last minute hotel reservations

Last minute hotel deals are known to be plentiful in the city. However, popular rural venues – such as a Lake District Hotel – Almost fully booked months ahead of time and therefore elusive. Travelers should consider looking for the best last minute deals in 2010 by taking advantage of the experience of 2009. It is also likely that hotels that were not willing to offer good deals in 2009 will not do so in 2010.

Traveling on a last minute deal is an attractive and cost effective way to stay in hotels, take tours and visit places you might not have chosen otherwise. One caveat: Make sure any kids in your traveling party are old enough to see the flexibility needed as an adventure rather than a worrying inconvenience.