Significant Travel Fees Associated With Timeshare Vacations

Significant travel fees associated with timeshare vacations

For some timeshare owners, the trip to their property is just a short drive from home. However, for most of them, their annual vacation destination is located far, far away. In fact, that’s usually the whole point of going on vacation; Sometimes, you just need to get away! In this case, traveling to your timeshare would require a long road trip or flight. These costs can add up quickly, especially if you’re traveling with several family members. The truth is that all too often, the travel costs associated with timeshare ownership are left out of the equation when people think about their vacation budgets.

air travel

With the economy still suffering, and the cost of fuel gradually rising to record levels, experts predict that the price of air travel will rise steadily annually for the next 20 years. In fact, the current average price of air travel is already up about 10% over the same period last year. According to Ed Perkins, a blogger with, “Almost everyone in the business thinks airfare is generally going up across the boards, and more or less permanently.” Factors for the price hike include reduced airline capacity, labor strife, conflict in the Middle East, and recent mergers between large carriers. Unfortunately for travelers, none of these problems seem to be going away anytime in the near future.

But it’s not all bad. On the whole, travel is still a relatively cheap form of travel (relative to inflation-adjusted rates over the past 30 years), and most airlines are staying afloat by throwing in hidden costs like large baggage fees or charging small price increases multiple times over the course of a year. general. Many carriers are looking to invest in more fuel-efficient aircraft, but much of the technology has yet to be fully realized, and the cost of research and development alone runs into the billions of dollars. The average consumer accustomed to paying modest fees is likely to be in for a rude awakening in the near future.

Travel by car

The typical timeshare traveler ignores the many fees associated with car travel that can add up quickly, even if you’re commuting. If you’re traveling, parking your car on the airport ramp can cost you up to $100 a week. In addition, you will either have to rent a car or rely on taxis for the duration of your trip, and these costs can quickly get out of control. For example, I checked to see how much it would cost to rent a minivan this Christmas, and the numbers totaled over $100 per day with the Enterprise.

If you’re driving to your vacation destination, there are obviously costs associated with fuel, oil changes, and potential vehicle problems. While fuel prices have remained relatively low this past summer (in large part because of the political election), most experts don’t expect this trend to continue. In fact, many economists expect $4 a gallon again by the end of January.

There are also invisible costs to accumulating miles on your car’s odometer. In 2011, Americans drove an average of 13,500 miles a year (this statistic includes teens and senior drivers who wouldn’t ordinarily drive cross-country to a timeshare destination). A round trip drive from the northeast coast to South Florida takes more than 2,500 miles. That’s roughly one-fifth of the miles you’ll put on your car in an entire year! Cars are meant to be driven, but packing in the mileage will shorten the life of your car.

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Many people feel completely comfortable paying the travel fees associated with a timeshare. However, others are beginning to see these costs as the straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back. Once you couple those expenses with maintenance fees and private appraisals, along with the headaches associated with scheduling your allotted time at your vacation property, the cost of owning a timeshare becomes less and less feasible.

If you feel overwhelmed with your timeshares, the smartest and quickest way to get yourself out of your contract is to seek the help of a timeshare carrier.