Rocky Point Vacation Destination – 10 Travel Tips You Should Know

Rocky Point Vacation Destination – 10 Travel Tips You Should Know

Many vacation destinations to choose from but nothing can enchant your mind and soul than the beautiful and magical setting of the rocky point in Mexico. Once you visit it, your mind will say that it is heaven on earth.

Those who have not been to Mexico before may experience some confusion about how to get there, and what types of accommodations they will be given. This article provides some travel tips so that you can enjoy your destination.

How to get there / How to travel in Mexico:

1. Fortunately, it’s the Mexican Free Trade Zone where the rocky blob lies. Thus, no permits are required for cars.

2. You can rent any type of vehicle. Please remember that rates are calculated according to the type of vehicle you choose and the length of your stay.

Find accommodations:

3. If you are ready to camp on the beach, that’s fine otherwise it’s better to book a place to stay. You have options for example; You can choose no-frills motel rooms or oceanfront complexes with beachfront jacuzzis depending on your budget.

4. Tourist hotels are also available such as Plaza Las Glorias and Best Western Hotel Playa Inn. Fees may vary according to the services and facilities provided.

5. There are several RV parks with restaurants, pools, and laundry facilities.

what do you drink:

6. Avoid drinking tap water, as it may cause some intestinal infections. Always insist on getting any bottled water. You can also have soft drinks or beer to quench your thirst.

What do you want to eat:

7. It is advised to avoid roadside taco stands as you are not sure if the good is fresh or stale. Most restaurants in the Rocky Point area are safe and clean because they undergo health checks.

spoken language:

8. Although English is widely spoken in relation to shopping areas and restaurants, it is good to make use of some Spanish phrases.

What to remember while shopping:

9. You will be overwhelmed by people trying to sell you some things. If you’re not interested in buying it, politely say “No, my dear” and simply walk away.

10. Don’t forget to carry plenty of cash with you as credit cards are not accepted everywhere.

Prepare physically and mentally for your trip to a rocky point in Mexico. Read some brochures or brochures to know more about this destination. However, these tips will be of great help to you.