Residency Travel Advice – What You Should Know

Residency Travel Advice – What you should know

Before you travel, please do an online hotel study not only looking for the cheapest hotels but also keeping in mind the facilities and services they offer, the location and possible references from your friends or other people. In addition, a travel guide can be very helpful in choosing the right hotel for you. Have as many options with your flight schedule as possible. For example, business class hotels have lower rates most of the time on weekends. The sooner you book your stay online, make note of all the information about the hotel or hotels.

The best way is to print the complete information on your computer screen so that you have a detailed statement that you can use as evidence in case your information is lost or entered incorrectly by a hotel employee. Travel with a copy, make a copy for your relatives or close friends so that they can reach you in case of an emergency because they already know where you live.

When checking in, make sure you know the real check-in and check-out times. Make sure you confirm the facilities and services provided by the hotel. Ask for directions and a local map. Make a card with all the information about the hotel and include the hotel’s name, address and phone number so you can give it to a taxi driver or someone on the street in case you get lost or something goes wrong. you never can tell. A few hotels may have other services that you may not be aware of unless you ask. Things like newspaper service, laundry service, hair dryers, adapters, and converters.

You can also look for fax machine access, guided tours, computer, printer, copier, internet connection, video games, cable TV, movie rentals, portable beds, cribs, free airport shuttle, jewelry, documents, electronic rental, safe for your money, phone access fee, and how much you will pay for using the minibar and excursions. Once you secure your hotel stay, safety should be the most important priority of all and you should definitely take some measures. So be sure to ask about the safety of the hotel.

When you are going out for the day, leave your keys with the receptionist. Check closing time. Some hotels lock their doors at night and they expect you to keep your keys with the receptionist, if you plan to be out late. Before you check out, check your hotel room for items you might leave behind. If you want extra time to stay during the regular check-out time (usually between 11am and 2pm), make sure you apply for it in advance or the hotel may charge you for the extra night. Study the hotel bill to make sure everything related to the charges is correct. I wish you a successful and safe journey.