Reduce Your Business Travel Cost To Zero With Video Conferencing Solutions

Reduce Your Business Travel Cost To Zero With Video Conferencing Solutions

Reduce Your Business Travel Cost To Zero With Video Conferencing Solutions. The cost of business travel is a nightmare for many organisations. Salespeople are required to travel all over the world for meetings that ultimately lead to more business for the organization, but regulating this cost is a major concern for administrators and finance departments.

Reduce Your Business Travel Cost To Zero With Video Conferencing Solutions

This is primarily because spending is a necessity. But what if you could reduce that cost to nothing? What if your representatives could meet anyone around the world at any time at no cost?

Technology has come a long way in the past few years and one of its fruitful offerings is video conferencing solutions.

What are video conferencing?

Just like having a conversation over your mobile devices across continents without paying a huge amount, video conferencing is the technology that allows you to have a face-to-face conversation instead.

Like any other technology, it has come a long way since its capabilities were first demonstrated in the 1970s. Earlier, there were no standard protocols that video conferencing could depend on. It was a very costly affair.

However, with the advent of cloud technology, we have very affordable networks. The interoperability of videoconferencing systems is virtually guaranteed now that standards and protocols are clearly established.

This is why many companies are now investing in video conferencing hardware and replacing the way conferences and meetings were traditionally held. It allows company administrators to meet with their clients at any time, without actually traveling to their locations.

In addition, they can also cooperate among themselves even when they are not in the organization.

Which video conferencing solutions are right for your business?

Yes, it is very convenient and allows any organization to save significant expenses on travel. However, there are many providers in the market today which has opened up intense competition between them. This is partly beneficial to customers but has also resulted in several queries:

  • What is the right solution for my business?
  • How is video conferencing different from remote desktop support or web meetings?
  • Is video conferencing safe to discuss sensitive information?
  • What video conferencing solutions are available in the market for various room sizes including business room, small meeting room, large conference room and auditoriums?
  • Is there an instance where I can use a video device over Wi-Fi?
  • Can I replace my IP Phone with the video endpoint while keeping the same extension?
  • I don’t have the budget to purchase a license for the multiparty feature but I need the service. Is there any other option I can explore?
  • Can I use my Skype for Business with Telepresence?
  • Can I contact sales people in the US and UK on their mobile devices via the VCR?
  • How safe is video conferencing as a means of communication?
  • If my video equipment breaks, what will I use as the SLA and backup my equipment?
  • I’m having trouble connecting branch offices and meeting rooms in one video call. How can I help me?

These are some of the questions customers generally ask. It’s hard to answer them all by generalizing everything because every customer has different requirements; They all have different structures, different dedicated spaces, and different budgets. To provide the perfect solution, any provider requires all the necessary details so that they can analyze and suggest the best options.

Types of video conferencing solutions

Board room video solution

There is a wide range of solutions for all meeting rooms ranging from small meeting rooms (4 people) to large meeting rooms (18 people). Products like the Cisco IX Series, TX Series, and MX Series will completely change the way you conduct your business meetings for face-to-face meetings without the cost of travel.

This solution comes with some advanced features like speakerphone, viewfinder camera, HD video quality, screen sharing and presentation on different devices like smartphones, laptops and tablets.

Desktop video solution

Now you can turn your desktop into a smart workspace perfect for video/audio calls, screen sharing, and screen stretching. With Cisco EX and DX Series videophones, you can connect to board meetings and web calls with the click of a button.

mobile video solution

The mobile video solution has opened up a world of new opportunities for businesses with remote locations, home workers and customers. Cisco Jabber, WebEx, Cisco CMR and Spark solutions have completely changed the way we interact with everyone.

Apart from being used for commercial purposes, the mobile solution will prove to be a huge hit for your education and training sectors. It will be as easy for you as making a call with the ZERO app and connecting with multiple people through a single call.

video wall

Turn a non-functional brick wall into a video wall and share timely, accurate information about our business with our HD video wall.

cloud solution

Cloud-based video conferencing solutions are available to you according to your industry requirements. With them, you can create your own personal meeting rooms and invite your clients and colleagues for a video conference without investing in any hardware.

It’s time to save on your business meeting expenses.

A good provider will offer free consultations to all of their clients. They will listen, understand and analyze your requirements and only then suggest you the right solution for your business sector. With the right solution, you can collaborate with your employees but also with your customers, anywhere and anytime.