Patpong Bangkok’s Red Light District – Travel Tips For Beginners

Patpong Bangkok’s red light district – Travel tips for beginners

Patpong Bangkok’s red light district – Travel tips for beginners.┬áLas Vegas takes on the nickname Sin City. But Bangkok wins the title of Sin Capital. With red light districts abounding, Patpong is the only one that isn’t just for men looking for carnal pleasures.

Patpong Bangkok’s Red Light District – Travel Tips For Beginners

You can see foreign tourists with their children mingling among the densely packed Patpong Night Market buying imitation goods that operate a stone’s throw from the go-go bars with a bikini-clad woman swinging her feet, hips swaying along to the latest hip-hop beats. Their sensual movements attract male clients who stare in like bait for fish.

Patpong is located between two major roads, Silom Road and Surawongse Road, not far from the bustling business district. Although there are foreign visitors who come to Patpong Night Market to shop for the latest international luxury goods at a bargain, most of these visitors are shopping for a bargain in the meat trade.

Technically prostitution is illegal. The Bangkok government declared a crackdown on the sex industry and made efforts to clean up the streets. However, nothing changed and the ad faded and subsided.

Go Go bars such as the King’s Entertainment sets on Soi Patpong are very popular with the Western Tourist but are gaining in popularity with the eastern tourist such as the Japanese. Soi Patpong is the center of the red light district of the same name.

This is exactly where you can find Patpong Night Market in the middle of the street open from 5pm to 2pm. The stalls are lined up in two columns where you can find fakes of all kinds such as Coach, Rolex, Tiffany and High Fashion Clothing. You can also find some great local souvenirs but they are usually more expensive. Even hard bargaining.

All the go-go pubs, clubs and watering holes open at 7pm and close at the point at 1pm or else they will face the ghost of a police officer who asks for a bribe to avoid getting a ticket. All beers are decently priced if you compare them to prices in your home country. They don’t have a huge variety of beers inside but that’s not what most guys go for.

All the go go bars fill up drunk and passionate by 9pm, packed like sweaty sardines with constant streams of ladies leading their customers to the short hotels a block away up some stairs.

Most of the bars and clubs in Patpong cater to a male clientele, but there are some that cater to men who prefer the third sex in Bangkok referred to as “lady boys” or Katwe in Thai. Most ladies can give away a real woman, so if that’s what you want or don’t want, be sure to ask.

The gay scene is definitely not ignored in Patpong. The rules and laws of supply and demand especially apply in Thailand as thousands of open minded and gay people flock to Silom 2 and 4, the epicenter of gay nightlife.

These streets are a block away from Soi Patpong which is the largest street filled with gay bars and go-to establishments. For some reasons gay establishments are allowed to close later then establishments that cater to straight men.

Patpong is definitely one of the most visited places in Bangkok. It’s an odd mixture of sex and imitation goods make for strange bed companions that continue to attract people from all over the world.

Sights, sounds and lights burn an unerasable memory you have to experience to believe. If you are thinking of visiting Patpong in Bangkok, I suggest you go for it. do not worry. just go with the flow.