Military Travel – Useful Travel Tips From TDY

Military Travel – Useful travel tips from TDY

If you have orders to travel TDY (a temporary mission there), you have the option to make it a smooth experience or a challenging time. From the moment you arrive at the airport, to the speed with which you are reimbursed for your out-of-pocket expenses after you return, a range of tips can easily tip the scales in your direction. Why not avoid a bunch of frustration? Consider applying all of the tips below, and you will enjoy your TDY. You will quickly become a travel professional!

Tips and information

A: Make one number out of several similar expenses by adding up precisely.

Look at all the different taxes on your hotel room receipt. Add them up, and work on the number: “hotel tax”, for example. Make it easy for the person reviewing your coupon to pay you.

B. Do everyone’s work to make the road smooth for you.

Don’t wait for DTS to call you. After submitting, check the progress of your receipt and take care of any issues quickly. Be a “nice nice wheel”. You can repeatedly contact anyone about anything as long as you are nice. You’ll catch more bees with honey than with vinegar, and you’ll earn a reputation for being a military travel professional.

c. Join every travel club and get every travel benefits card.

The current rules allow service members to keep miles and points. You do not specify how you will travel; The government does. Since you have a lot of cards, get something to hold all those cards in an organized manner. If you start out on a regular basis, you will find the points and miles collected. You’ll enjoy that free flight or vacation on the road because you started out organized.

D- Keep your things tidy in your hotel room.

It’s easier to see if someone experienced it while you were away. It’s also easier to “pull the bag” when you leave the room because you’re less likely to leave anything behind. Military travel professionals don’t find themselves frantically calling the hotel from the airport to see if the maid found a watch in the room!

e. Don’t let your coupon stay there for five days upon your return.

complete file TDY By presenting your coupon as soon as you come back. You’ll appreciate your money back sooner rather than later.

F. Scan your receipts.

If you fax it it may not be readable. Double check all your expenses. Do everything you can to make it clear and easy to process your voucher. Your professional handling of your voucher will be appreciated.

Before you leave for the airport at TDY:

1. Make sure you finish your orders.

You will also need a voice command (VOCO). Take off without it and you may not get your money back for some expenses. Yes, you are serving your country but that does not mean you have to take money out of your pocket to do so.

2. Make a TDY envelope for each flight.

Keep an envelope with the relevant operations order (OPORD). This envelope should also be home to your itinerary, orders, and receipts. Your life will be much simpler if you keep all the papers from one trip in one envelope.

3. Does your travel card work?

Just before your travel date, buy some chewing gum or a drink at the store and use it. Why are you ashamed of your trip? Make sure it works before you leave on a military trip.

4. Pack up early.

Look at your OPORD. Do you have everything? If you are going to a school, check the internet to see if you can get a packing list for that school. It is likely that you will not be able to get what you need where you are going – be prepared.

5. Print your boarding pass in advance.

This only protects you from one less likely problem. Why not put it in your pocket before you get to the airport? Be a military prepared traveler and maybe wear something military like military rings to indicate your rank or profession.

6. Arrive at the airport two hours early.

Just carry something to read if you have extra time. The security process and potential for security issues means that you will need the time to keep yourself safe if anything goes wrong.

Build travel habits early that will serve you well throughout your career. You will enjoy TDY if you do it. You will live with less stress and more comfort. Turn the above tips into habits, and you’ll become a military travel pro. Fun trip!