Important Travel Advice For Anyone Traveling To Africa

Important travel advice for anyone traveling to Africa

Africa is a unique place. It is not as advanced or developed as most parts of the world and even if you are a seasoned traveler you need to take care of certain things. In Africa, things are done differently and the rules and regulations are not always what you would expect. For this very reason, the first and most important thing you need to do is check with your local embassy regarding the security and political climate in both the country and the region you are traveling to.

There is civil war all over Africa and as a tourist you don’t want to get caught in the middle. Getting the right visa is imperative and be warned – it can take a long time to get the right paperwork and the right documents. Plan it ahead of time! As a precaution, it is also recommended that you make a copy of all your travel documents and leave them with a trusted family member at home.

Travel insurance is vital when you are planning a trip to Africa. It is not uncommon for baggage to “disappear” at airports, so you should be appropriately insured against theft on all of your belongings. Also, be sure to keep your valuables with you at all times. In your hotel, you should ask to keep travel documents in the hotel safe because an American passport is worth a lot of money in places like Kenya.

Getting health insurance for your trip is vital. Many areas of Africa require that you take your medication weeks (or months) before you leave and it is very important that you check this in advance. Health care in some remote areas is very poor and unless you take the necessary precautions you can pay a heavy price.

It’s not always a good idea to think about everything that could go wrong, but being prepared is indeed a wise way to travel – especially in Africa. Take the necessary precautions and you will enjoy a wonderful, care-free trip.