Ideas For Travel Blog Names Out Of The Box

Ideas For Travel Blog Names Out Of The Box

Ideas For Travel Blog Names. The process of choosing a name for your travel blog is one of the most challenging. I couldn’t concentrate on actually starting my travel blog because I was preoccupied with choosing blog names.

You will discover the critical considerations for selecting the ideal travel blog name in this post, along with suggestions for travel blog names for your new website.

Ideas For Travel Blog Names

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Choose a niche for your travel blog.

You must choose your travel blog niche before you can choose a name for it.

You’ve probably already given some thought to this part, but I’m always surprised by how frequently I hear, “It’s a travel blog. I write about all things pertaining to travel.

Eek! There’s a lot there to cover!

Start by asking yourself, “What can I offer my readers? ” if you want to have a successful travel blog. What can I do to aid them? Why should they read my blog, you ask? What am I aware of that they may not be? “

To help you identify your niche, ask yourself the following questions.

You might be an expert at locating the most delectable and genuine cuisine in any given city. Cruises might be available at a significant discount. Or perhaps you are an expert on all aspects of traveling in Thailand. All of these ideas are excellent places to begin.

I’m not saying that you should only write about topics related to your blog’s niche, though. I write for myself about travel destinations, working from home, and travel hacking. I write about island hopping in Thailand some days and How to Make Money as a Travel Blogger on other days.

However, you should be a little more specific with your blog topic than simply “travel.”

Why Are Names for Travel Blogs Important?

It’s time to start building your brand after choosing your blog niche. It can be challenging to grasp the idea of “branding a travel blog,” especially for someone who is just getting started.

In essence, your brand is what enables you to establish your identity in the blogging community, attract readers, and gain the respect of both readers and search engines.

As you continue on your blogging journey, this will become more clear, but for now, let’s concentrate on developing your brand through a blog name.

Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a blog name that accurately describes you.

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Inventing Blog Names for Travel

The ideal travel blog name can be found in a variety of ways. It can be difficult to come up with names for travel blogs off the top of your head, so use the following three steps to create one that fits both you and your brand:

1. Examine What Currently Works

Examining what is already successful in the travel blogging sector is one of the simplest ways to choose a name for a blog about travel.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you copy your preferred travel bloggers because, ultimately, doing so won’t make you stand out from the crowd. But I’m telling you to come up with original ideas based on the names of their travel blogs.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel, even though it is always important to stand out in the world of travel blogging (especially given the large number of travel bloggers out there). Do not attempt to repair an unbroken item.

Use the same recipe with different ingredients, according to my philosophy.

I’ve listed 10 well-known travel blogs below. Look at the words and phrases they chose for the names of their travel blogs and read the suggestions for similar terms.

Each of these travel bloggers has a name that serves as the cornerstone of their brand:

1. Nomadic Matt

Nomad (noun): a traveler or someone who rarely stays put for an extended period of time

Similar terms to nomad include wanderer, gypsy, wayfarer, migrant, roamer, rambler, vagabond, pioneer, pathfinder, rover, tramp, drifter, beachcomber, globetrotter, voyager, jet-setter, vagrant, itinerant, journeyer, drifter, backpacker, footslogger, traveler, and gallivanting.

2. Adventurous Kate

Adventure (noun): an unusual and thrilling experience or activity, usually risky

An adventure is a risky or thrilling activity.

Acronyms for “adventure” include “escapade,” “venture,” “daredevil,” “fearless,” “reckless,” “dauntless,” “intrepid,” and “daring.”

3. The Planet D

(Noun) Planet: Earth

Similar terms to “planet” include “Earth,” “universe,” “global,” “orb,” “nature,” “environment,” “creation,” “the living world,” “world,” “scenery,” “flora and fauna,” and “Mother Nature.”

4. The Blonde Abroad

(Adverb) abroad: in or to a foreign country

Similar terms or expressions to “abroad” include “foreign,” “expat,” “overseas,” “everywhere,” “in all directions,” “away,” “elsewhere,” “in foreign lands,” “out of the country,” and “tourist.”

5. The Poor Traveler

(Adjective) Poor: not having enough money

Words or phrases that mean “poor” include “bankrupt,” “scarce,” “meagre,” “penniless,” “broke,” “down and out,” “destitute,” “tight budget,” and “strapped for cash.”

6. Thrifty Traveler

Thrifty (adjective): carefully managing finances or other resources

Words or phrases that sound like “thrifty” include “prudent,” “cheap,” “penny-wise,” “meager,” “canny,” “budget,” “parsimonious,” “smart,” “crafty,” and “sensible.”

7. Smarter Travel

Smart (adjective): displaying or possessing quick wit

Words or phrases that sound similar to “smart” include “slick,” “smooth,” “clever,” “brainy,” “clever,” “farsighted,” “sharp,” “experienced,” “in the know,” “on the ball,” “sly,” “sensible,” “resourceful,” “brilliant,” “genius,” “quick,” and “wily.”

8. Y Travel Blog

Travel (verb): to go on a journey, usually one that is long or overseas

(noun) Travel: a journey

Excursions, journeys, expeditions, wayfaring, globetrotting, voyaging, sightseeing, navigation, transit, moves, treks, cruises, go, migrate, traverse, set out, scour, jaunts, vacations, explore, hop, adventures, visits, roam, sail, cross, exploration, quests, tours, odysseys, itineraries, trips, sojourns, pilgrimages, routes, passages, going places, flying, safari

9. Hand Luggage Only

Bags or suitcases used to transport personal items are referred to as luggage.

Words or phrases similar to “luggage” include “suitcase,” “travel bag,” “trunk,” “chest,” “briefcase,” “belongings,” “gear,” and “goods and chattels.”

10. One Mile at a Time

5,280 feet make up one mile, a unit of linear measurement.

Words or phrases that sound like mile: kilometers, destination, nautical, at a distance, long way, outskirts, stretch, horizon

2. Get Innovative and Stand Out!

Making a name for your travel blog that is distinctive is a great way to stand out from the crowd. Find new ways to describe the same thing because the influx of new travel bloggers has rendered words like nomad, adventurous, and wandering obsolete.

I’ve provided a list of several unusual and foreign words related to travel below. There are lots of cool words like this, so don’t be afraid to look up a few of your own and use them in your travel blog.

Important information: Because most people are not familiar with these terms, it would be a good idea to explain what they mean to your readers and how it relates to your brand (possibly even on your home page).

Unusual Travel-Related Phrases or Words

Fernweh is a German word that essentially means a desire to travel or yearn for distant lands.

French for an impromptu and unplanned journey or trip, dérive

Numinous is a Latin word that refers to being amazed and filled with awe by what you are seeing.

The word “solivagant,” which has Latin roots, means “to wander and travel the world alone.”

Gadabout: A person who is constantly moving is referred to by this word, which has Germanic origins.

Another Latin word for a magical journey is vagary (I swear the Latin language has the best words for travel).

Livsnjutare is a term used in Swedish to describe someone who is living life to the fullest.

The Greek word for a strong desire for freedom is eutheromania.

The Spanish word “vacilando” refers to a traveler who realizes that the journey itself is more significant than the final destination.

Ygen is a Japanese word for the intense, indescribable sensation that comes from watching the world around you.

Acatalepsy is a Greek word that means it is impossible to comprehend the universe.

A person who believes that the world is too big and that we will never be able to see it all is described by the term “onism,” which has its roots in Danish.

Selcouth is an Old English word that describes the peculiar sensation you have when something unfamiliar but utterly fascinating is going on around you.

Resfeber is a Swedish word that refers to the anticipation one feels before setting out on a journey.

Ullassa is an Indo-European word that describes a state of complete contentment experienced while surrounded by nature.

When the meal is over but the conversation continues, it is said to be sobremesa, in Spanish.

This phrase would be ideal for a travel blog for foodies!

3. Think About Your Travel Blogging Niche

Considering your travel blog niche is another simple way to come up with blog names.

This not only clarifies to potential readers what your blog is about but also clarifies to Google what your blog is about.

Your main objective as a travel blogger who wants to grow their readership and earn money is to win over Google. SEO, or search engine optimization, is what this is.

Understand that Google ranks websites higher in search results if their site is closely related to a particular topic. This is important to know because SEO is a complex subject that cannot be covered in just a few sentences. This is something to keep in mind when creating your home page, writing blog posts, and picking a name for your travel blog.

Read the following example to get a better understanding of this idea:

Having a blog name associated with low-cost travel is a factor Google takes into account when ranking your website for search results if you run a blog about it. You’re sure to drive a lot more traffic to your website if you appear higher in Google searches.

I’ve listed 11 popular travel blog niches below, along with words related to each.

Adventure Tourism

Mountains: pike, mount, palisade, mesa, summit, sierra, volcano, elevation, butte, peak, ridge, and alps

Beaches and Islands: archipelago, enclave, peninsula, islet, isle, atoll, reef, cay, coast, shore, seaside, oceanfront, shoreline, sand, beachcomber

Hiking is also referred to as traveling by backpack, hitchhiking, trekking, wandering, mountaineering, rock climbing, and alpinism.

Extreme terms include boundary, peak, pinnacle, top, legend, epic, and intense.

Avenue, expressway, highway, route, pavement, drive, direction, passage, alley, roadway, street, boulevard, lane, ride, commute, tour, outing, joyride, journey, way, path, overland, and hitchhike are all terms used to describe traveling by road.


yonder, farther, remote, beyond, beyond the journey’s end, a stopover, the edges, the horizon, the compass, the boundary, the landscape

Cheap Travel

Budget, parsimonious, meticulous, smart, crafty, sensible, prudent, cheap, penny-pinching, penny-wise, scrimping, meager, canny

Luxury Vacation

luxurious, lavish, lavish, pampering, posh, grand, ritzy, swanky, stately, and aristocratic

Solo Journey

alone, unaccompanied, distant, lonely, deserted, and isolated

Family Vacation

tribe, family, dynasty, affinity, the gang, clan, young person, team, posse, league, club, troop, squad, herd, and crew

Couples Vacation

“Duo,” “two,” “team,” “pair,” “honeymooners,” “partners,” “wed,” “mate,” “bond,” “Mr. and Mrs.” are all terms for a couple.

Foreign Travel

Foreign, expat, overseas, countries, capitals, everywhere, across the oceans, in all directions, outside, in other countries, abroad, traveling

Gourmet Travel

culinary, bite-sized, snack-sized, refreshments, eatable, chow, table, diet, entree, appetizer, grub, palate, cocktail, taste, munchies, spoon, fork, feast, picnic, gorge, overindulge, outdoors

Traveling Off-The-Beaten Path

Unknown, concealed, undisclosed, remote, uncharted, far, far away, untold, mysterious, and undiscovered

Outdoor Adventure

rustic, woods, environment, scenery, jungle, ecosystem, terrain, topography, recreation, wilderness, and landscape

What NOT to do when selecting names for travel blogs

Over the past five years, I’ve discovered a lot through travel blogging. What NOT to do when selecting the names for travel blogs is among the most crucial lessons I’ve learned.

Here are three ideas to bear in mind as you choose:

Choose A Travel Blog Name You Can Expand With Instead

The biggest error I made when I first started my travel blog was picking a name that would limit my ability to expand.

This means that I didn’t select a name that I would be content with in the future. I also didn’t think about the subjects I would be writing about in the future.

I chose the ridiculous title Bellas, Brews, Bon Voyage for my travel blog on a whim.

What a mouthful, you say?

I reasoned that I was a girl, enjoyed drinking beer, and enjoyed traveling. Was I, however, really going to write about beer every day? Most likely not.

Over time, I outgrew the name of my blog. It didn’t fit my blog’s focus and sounded a little childish (sort of like my middle school email address; feel free to call me superblonde haha!).

Unfortunately, it is not simple to change the name of your travel blog. You are essentially rebranding if you change the name of your blog. It’s inevitable to lose some readers, and the process is very troublesome.

Therefore, think carefully before choosing a name for your travel blog. Will you be happy with it in the long run?

Will it continue to serve your blog’s niche well in the future?

Consider the name of your blog as a permanent tattoo that will be challenging to remove in the future.

Steer clear of long names

Simple and memorable names are preferred by readers.

People would often look perplexed when I explained that the name of my travel blog was Bellas, Brews, Bon Voyage.

How do you pronounce that?

” was a frequent response I received, and let me tell you. It was difficult to try to explain this to people.

The name Mike & Laura Travel is much simpler to recall and spell now. Without a doubt, you should be original and creative, but if the name of your travel blog is eight words long, I’d reconsider.

.com Names Outperform Other Domains

Try to acquire domain name at all costs. .com domain names outperform all other domain names and are much simpler to remember.

This has the drawback that a lot of dot com names are already taken.

Here’s where you’ll need to use your imagination to come up with a unique name for your travel blog.

Step 1: Register the name of your travel blog

Therefore, you’ve made the ideal travel blog name choice, right? You might be curious about. “Now what do I do? ”

You must register your travel blog name through a web hosting company in order to own it (you will then OWN your website).

You’ll be able to access WordPress through your web hosting company, design your website, and start producing amazing content.

Utilize Bluehost to register your travel blog name.

For beginners (and seasoned users alike), Bluehost is the best hosting company, in my opinion. For the past six years, Mike and I have used Bluehost and are very happy with them.

Because Bluehost is inexpensive (especially if you’re trying to start a blog on a budget), they have excellent customer service, and we always recommend them to our readers.

Not to mention, you will receive FREE domain name registration.

Therefore, let’s begin.

1. Start now

You can access Bluehost by clicking on this link. The green “Get Started” button should be clicked.

2. Pick a strategy.

You’ll choose a plan next. The fundamental strategy will work just fine if you’re new to blogging.

Go with the fundamental plan for the time being; you can always change it later (this will save you money).

3. Purchasing a domain name

You’ll be prompted to register your travel blog name after choosing your plan. Click Next after entering the name of your travel blog in the Create a new domain box.

They will ask you to choose a different domain name if the name of your travel blog is already in use by another person.

Keep in mind to stay away from domain names.

4. Select your package and add-ons.

When a name for your travel blog becomes available, you’ll be asked to create an account, select a package, and add any extras.

To get the most value for your money, I advise signing up for 36 months. The cool thing about Bluehost is that they will refund you for the remaining 24 months if you decide to cancel your plan after the first 12 months.

When it comes to extras, I strongly advise getting the domain privacy + protection in order to keep your personal information hidden.

Codeguard is an additional service that is provided; it automatically backs up your website. You can find plugins that will perform this task for free, so I DO NOT recommend adding this extra. Toggle this box off!

Additionally, unchecking the box labeled “SiteLock Security Essential” is advised for SiteLock Security.

Again, there are much better services available for this, and you don’t need this if you’re a new blogger.

5. Visit WordPress

You’ll be prepared to launch WordPress and begin building your website once you’ve registered the name of your travel blog.

Learn how to monetize your travel blog, attract thousands of readers each day, and produce content that people actually want to read here: Travel Blogging Success.


Travel Blog Names

The last thing you should be considering when starting a travel blog is the ideal blog name. Consider the aforementioned travel blog name suggestions while keeping in mind the three suggestions I’ve provided for generating blog names.

This advice will undoubtedly assist you in selecting a name that fits your niche and one that you can grow with.

FAQ Ideas For Travel Blog Names

What should I name my travel blog?

Travel Blog Names Go See Write. Solo Friendly. Y Travel Blog. Fearful Adventurer. Todd’s Wanderings. Wandering Earl. Globetrotter Girls. Never Ending Footsteps.

How do I choose my travel channel name?

In this article, I’m going to walk you through how to come up with an awesome travel blog name- without spending too much time overthinking it! Avoid Names that aren’t available on all Social Media Platforms Facebook Page (not personal profile) Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. Youtube/Vimeo.

What are names for travelers?

traveler adventurer. commuter. hiker. migrant. passenger. pilgrim. sailor. tourist. Item lainnya…

What is the best name for the Travelling YouTube channel?

Unique YouTube Channel Names For Travel Vloggers Solo Friendly. Fast pace Travel. Go See write. Dream view sites. Fearful Adventurer. Y Travel Blog. Good Cruise. Never Ending Footsteps.

What are 10 synonyms for travel?

travel journey, peregrinate, pilgrimage, tour, trek, trip, voyage.

What are travel lovers called?

Hodophile (n.): One who loves to travel; a traveler with a special affinity for roads. Wayfarer (n.): A traveler, especially on foot. Livsnjutare (n.): One who loves life deeply and lives it to the extreme.

How do I start a travel blog?

Steps on how to start a travel blog. First step to starting a travel blog. Pick a travel blog name that fits your passions and personality. Register a domain name for your travel blog. Set up hosting for your travel blog. Install WordPress on Bluehost. Find a theme for your travel blog. Install WordPress plugins.

How do I start blogging?

Create a blog Sign in to Blogger. On the left, click the Down arrow . Click New blog. Enter a name for your blog. Click Next. Choose a blog address or URL. Click Save.

How do you name a vlog channel?

20 More Vlog Name Ideas Mic Drop. Travel Sphere. Stylin’ Net. Watch Official. Life Uncut. Game On. Famous Gamer. Sing Unlimited.

What is a name that means journey?

The Spanish name Ferdinand, and its female variation Ferdinanda, translate literally to journey. The classic boy name Noah means wandering and the underused girls name Wanda means wanderer. The name Viatrix, meaning voyager, can be great for parents looking for a unique alternative to Beatrix.

What names mean adventurer?

Top 70 Baby Boy & Girl Names That Mean “”Adventurous & Outdoorsy”” Outdoorsy and Adventurous Baby Boy Names Aaron. Aaron means ‘high mountain’. Ace. Ace is the ‘winner’. Archer. Archer has Anglo-Saxon origins. Ash. Ash is short for Ashley or Ashton or Asher. Bear. Who can forget Bear Grylls? Bertrand. Cedar. Christopher.

What is a synonym for wanderlust?

Synonyms. restlessness. increasing sounds of restlessness. itchy feet (informal) urge to travel.

Who is No 1 travel vlogger in world?

Varun Vagish (Mountain Trekker) Since 2017, he has covered over 20 countries across the world, travelling and capturing his experiences. Through his travel vlogs, Varun has made it a point to prove that it is possible to travel across the country and around the globe without burning a hole in the pocket.

Who is the biggest travel vlogger?

9 Must-Watch YouTube Travel Vloggers No. YouTube Channel Total Video Views 1 Gone with the Wynns 108.9M 2 Vagabrothers 91.9M 3 Samuel and Audrey 94.0M 4 Fun for Louis 330.0M 5 baris lainnya

Who is biggest travel Youtuber?

Top 11 travel YouTubers to follow in 2022 Drew Binsky. The Bucket List Family. Travel Yourself. Lost LeBlanc. Hopscotch the Globe. Wolter’s World. Hey Nadine. Kara and Nate.