How New Travel Threats Might Affect Wholesale Homes

How new travel threats might affect wholesale homes

How might new travel alerts and terrorist threats affect wholesale homes for US real estate investors?

The past week has seen new global travel warnings issued by the US State Department as well as the prolonged closure of embassies abroad. Some sources indicate that we are now seeing more and more specific threats than ever before. Additionally, the drawdown in the ‘War on Terror’ and a Fox News report of Aug. 5, 2013, that the US military continues to deal with contractors linked to terrorism, suggests that America’s enemies are better funded and emboldened than they have been. many years ago, which could lead to more attacks, or at least threats.

Could this, along with increased travel expenses, alter current trends and change the game for wholesale homes?

All of this can definitely help keep more investment dollars in the home. But could this global investment rush put out some fire, especially in terms of second homes?

It could have at least a limited impact on travel. The rush to invest near some airports and travel hubs may change this, but the influx of capital from abroad and foreign buyers looking for a back-up plan and cash in a safer place can balance that out. It could certainly encourage more in terror-prone regions to take their money offshore and put it in the US, which combined with the current massive interest in US property from Asia could drive demand and home prices even further, improving wholesale conditions. for homes.

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Major international investment houses such as Barclays are already attracting a new generation of African millionaires offering new investment opportunities. Many of these investments will certainly be housing-related investments and will help increase visibility of the benefits of investing in the current market.

It still pays to balance out-of-region marketing, national and international marketing with a local presence, local brands and relationship building. Dominate your local market. This is your bread and butter. Then look for opportunities to take advantage of global investment trends and interests.

If you’re going to take an international approach to marketing and wholesaling, adding and partnering for services that can make it easier for overseas private investors and lenders to work with you and buy from you can be smart. This can include translation services, banking, property and property management, which can also often become alternative revenue centers for continuous passive income.