How Does This Jungle Tell You That You Need Travel Expense Management Software

How does this jungle tell you that you need travel expense management software

forest in autumn. Quiet afternoon. The sun finds its way through the parachute on Earth. One look tells you everything there is to know.

Except he doesn’t. All you get from one look at our picture is an impression. Sure, you could say it’s a picture of trees, but how many? what types? how old? How much in a hectare? Are they healthy?

We see? With every question I ask about this simple photo, you realize that you know a little less than you thought. In the end, I got to the first three words in this post. It is a forest in the fall.

The same goes for travel expenses. You know they are there because you keep authorizing business travel. You might even know what you spent the last year on, or for the year so far. But is your business getting good value for that outlay?

Interrogate the data

The only way to answer that with anything like confidence is to interrogate the data and work out the information lurking there. This sounds like a complicated exercise, and it certainly is – if you’re starting from scratch with a pile of receipts and expense claims with travel data cobbled together inside everything else.

This is why the dashboard monitoring system built into a lot of modern software is so valuable. The clever developers behind the software that powers your favorite app have set it up to do the hard work for you, and to let you know instantly where the peaks and lows are in any system being monitored. If this is a staff absence, you may find that there are a lot of people who don’t show up on Monday morning for example.

And if it involved travel, you might find that three employees who went on the sales trip to the main customer traveled together but all claimed miles as if they had traveled alone. Unfortunately, this happens. Even if it’s not in your business, you might find better ways to get the job done, like getting it done without spending a lot on travel. For example, is a cheaper flight from a different airport actually cheaper in real terms, once you factor in the number of miles to the airport and hotel stays due to difficult flight times? And how much time does your job waste traveling in the first place? What would be the hourly cost to hire anyone who is traveling on business in the exaggerated scenario I just referred to? Could their time be spent better? In short, is there a better way? Travel and expense management software will help you find out.

Claim and pay more accurately

A good travel and expense management software sets the rules, makes it easier and faster for employees to claim in an accurate and timely manner, makes approving expenses simpler and faster too, allowing you more time to continue generating revenue – not that this is what you’ve been in the business for ?

By adopting the use of travel and expense management software, you are making the best use of available tools, enabling you to be more effective by automatically interrogating data, and showing information gems from the impenetrable mass in front of you.

As my father always tended to say, “You can’t see the logs.” I think what he meant was that there were so many details that it was impossible to get a clear view of what really mattered in a scene.

Take another look at our picture. Thinking about what you said, doesn’t it sound a bit different now? Will you find and use some travel and expense management software?