Essential Electronic Equipment For Travel

Essential electronic equipment for travel

Travel Gear Tips – Electronics

There are many electronic gadgets that you can put to good use on your travels. These days, everything you think you might need is more or less available. In fact, many electronic devices double or have multiple functions so that you can save space by getting one device to do a variety of things.

cell phone

Cell phones these days are often very powerful and often mini computers. Not only can you make calls with them, but you can use them to write emails, surf the internet, play a game to pass the time, listen to music, take notes, take photos, make videos, scan barcodes to record your purchases and much more.

Some good travel gear tips are to take some accessories with your cell phone when you travel – such as a carrying case that clips to your belt or backpack strap, a multi-country charging kit, a charging station if you’re staying in a hotel, an eco-friendly solar phone charger and even a protector. A little surge to keep your phone safe in case you go to a country with dodgy electrical outlets.


If you are traveling for business, you must have some essential travel gear for your laptop. First, you should get a carry-on bag that you can take with you on the plane. The smaller the better with security these days. The last thing you want is for an angry airport worker tossing your laptop into the belly of the plane, so it’s imperative that you have a goody bag small enough to take on the plane with you. A small backpack is often a good idea, but make sure you take measurements beforehand because airport security personnel aren’t usually the most accommodating people. In fact, the best place to buy the travel gear you’ll want to take with you on the plane is at the airport itself, where you can test it right at the baggage rack to see if they’ll allow it on the plane.

Aside from a good case for your laptop, there are more tips for travel gear that you should get a good set of multi-country chargers and adapters for your laptop, a USB light so you can work in a dark hotel room in case of interruptions Mains, maybe a small webcam with a microphone if you don’t have one built in and even a surge protector.

iPods, GPS and other gadgets

Geocaching is a fun and interesting new hobby to get into if you’re traveling, so grab a GPS while stocking items off your travel gear tips list. Various GPS devices are available and you will need to purchase a subscription for the countries you are going to in advance as paying for them quickly can be expensive and require a credit card. For your iPod, you can get headphones, volume controls, protective cases, and many other items.