Cool India – Travel Tips

Cool India – Travel tips

If you have chosen India as your travel destination, here are some of them Cool India travel tips That will make your journey as pleasant and smooth as possible.

As with any other travel to a foreign destination, do your research beforehand. Buy a travel guide that contains the essentials that will be useful for the duration of your trip. This includes weather, language, currency, food, transportation and most importantly culture. This will prepare you for the trip and help you make adjustments if you have to.

The appropriate clothing when traveling to India is to wear light pants. Shorts should be avoided in order to be safe to walk around the cities and towns of the country. A safe tip when traveling anywhere is to always strive for comfort before fashion. Wear comfortable shoes like sneakers or slippers instead of heels or any other sandal that might kill your feet.

There are many beggars in India. When you come across them, it is your decision to give them rupees or not. If you must, give it to the kids just before getting in the car or else you might get harassed. It is not a requirement to give them alms.

The black market is also prevalent in India. Good advice is to avoid it at all costs. You will not get good deals and you may end up going to Indian Jail.

When eating out, choose packed places rather than empty ones. It’s okay to wait for a table instead of going to an empty place because that means the food served by the place may not be fresh. If you have a picky belly, choose safe food options like vegetables instead of red meat. Red meat can cause more harm to your body especially if it is spoiled and India does not have the best hospitals.

Be sure to carry first aid items and medicines. It is safer to drink your own medicines than to buy from Indian drug stores. Do not order Western food unless it is a large and well-known fast food. This is because not everyone orders these types of food, and chances are – they may not be fresh.

To be safe, drink soda instead of water. If you must drink water, choose bottled mineral water and make sure it is sealed. You can never know if water from an exotic place is safe to drink unless your stomach starts working.

Make hotel reservations early. This will eliminate the worries of having a place to stay and will also avoid thefts. Many people in India would benefit especially if they see you as a tourist.

Do not wear valuables when exploring the city. This is also part of Cool India travel tips Because there is no point in flaunting these flashy accessories. They might be stolen and you don’t really need them.

Take your local tour around the place. This is for your safety and will ensure that you don’t get lost or charged twice the price, for example for a taxi or food.