Cheapest Places To Fly Over Christmas You Must Visit

Cheapest Places To Fly Over Christmas You Must Visit

Cheapest Places To Fly Over Christmas. It’s time to board a plane and let Santa know where you’re going. A festive vacation offers a fun, stress-free alternative to attending the family gathering, whether you’re a party of two or a group of five.

A cheap Christmas vacation is simple to find if you pick the right location, and it will leave you with extra money for the makeup gift you’ll need to give your mother.

Many resorts offer better rates for visitors who can arrive before the rush and stay through New Years, but they are often empty in the days before the holidays. To get the best deals, start your search early and leave before December 24, one of the most expensive travel days.

Cheapest Places To Fly Over Christmas

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While Mexico is among your best options for a budget-friendly Christmas vacation, there are many other vacation-worthy locations that can accommodate a smaller budget at this time of year. You’re sure to find a location that’s ideal for your holiday trip, from Prague to Split to Colombia.

With our list of the best affordable Christmas vacation spots, you can miss the good news without missing out on the joy.

1. Mexico’s Riviera Maya

Visit the Riviera Maya if you’re looking for one of the best warm places to celebrate Christmas. A 40-minute drive will take you from Cancun to a more tranquil area of the Yucatan Peninsula. Playa del Carmen and Tulum are two well-known hotspots for resorts and beaches along this stretch.

Numerous all-inclusive resorts can be found in Riviera Maya, which lowers food expenses. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of water sports to keep themselves busy. These are especially ideal for people who are traveling with children.

Consider traveling to Xcaret Park to float down their expansive lazy river and learn about marine life when you aren’t playing in the sand or lounging in the sun. You can take a quick trip to Tulum to see the historic Mayan ruins in person as part of an educational excursion.

2. Dominican Republic’s Puerto Plata

This country in the Caribbean has an interesting and varied landscape. There are savannas, rainforests, and sandy beaches here, so it’s safe to say that tourists will be amazed wherever they go. The picturesque Puerto Plata on the north coast has all the ingredients for a dreamy Christmas getaway.

Many of the stunning resorts in Puerto Plata are all-inclusive and reasonably priced, especially when compared to other Caribbean vacation spots.

You and your loved ones will enjoy plenty of sun, as well as some history, from Playa Dorada’s expansive beachfront to a city center that dates to the 16th century.

For those who thrive on excitement, set aside some time to visit the highly regarded Ocean World Adventure Park, where the time will fly by thanks to the waterslides, rides, and other attractions.

3. Czech Republic: Prague

Prague is without a doubt a beautiful city. This once troubled capital of the Czech Republic is a true gem that is worthwhile to visit at any time of year (communism had its hold on the lovely city for years).

The magical holiday lights and decorations as well as the reasonable costs for things like lodging, meals, and flights will delight anyone who chooses to spend their Christmas vacation here. Don’t feel too special; Prague is among the most affordable travel destinations in Europe all year long.

The charming Old Town Square should be at the top of your list of things to do in Prague because of how majestic its winding cobblestone streets are when people are dressed festively. The stunning Charles Bridge, built in the fourteenth century and a favorite of photographers and lovers, is impossible to miss.

If you’re lucky, you might even feel some snow drizzling from the December Eastern European skies while admiring the Astronomical Clock or marveling at the plethora of colorful buildings.

4. Thailand’s Chiang Mai

Although many tourists find that traveling to Southeast Asia necessitates a lengthy and occasionally expensive flight, once you land, your budget can relax.

Go to Chiang Mai, the former capital of the nation in Northern Thailand, instead of battling the crowds in crowded Bangkok. This bustling city is a haven for digital nomads, which might be useful for newer-than-experienced travelers who want some Western touches while they’re away from home.

Expect to immerse yourself in this location’s rich culture, which includes numerous temples, hiking trails, food and craft markets, Ladyboy shows, and more. This place was founded in 1296. The best part is that you can get anywhere you need to go by simply calling a tuk-tuk.

5. Indonesia’s Bali

Consider using your vacation time in Bali if you need to decompress after a challenging year. Yoga retreats, jungle hikes, tours of the rice paddies, and strolls through animal sanctuaries are all available on this Indonesian island.

As if that weren’t enough to keep you occupied over the holidays, a trip to Bali gives you the chance to relax on their endless beaches, swim in the Indian Ocean, snorkel, surf, and enjoy the sun.

There are many options for lodging because Bali has grown to be a popular tourist destination. You can either reserve a room at one of the best resorts in the nation for you and your family to stay in, which frequently comes with a cleaning crew and personal chef.

No matter where you choose to stay, Christmas vacation rates are typically reasonable, especially for bigger groups. Not too shabby for a tiny piece of paradise!

6. Curaçao

Travelers who have been to Amsterdam or Copenhagen before will experience déjà vu when they first arrive in this small Caribbean island’s downtown.

A vibrant row of pastel-painted buildings with shops and restaurants adorning the fronts can be seen in Willemstad, Curaçao. Curaçao, the “C” of the ABC islands, has been fortunate not to have experienced any recent hurricanes and is still developing its tourism industry, so prices are still on the lower end.

In addition to its charming mini-city and stunning beaches, Curaçao offers thrilling off-roading and impressive hiking trails.

Even during the Christmas holidays, flights from East Coast airports like Miami frequently have great prices to Curaçao.

7. Split, Croatia

Croatia is quickly catching the attention of nomad travelers from all over the world due to its similar beauty to Greece at a fraction of the price. Consider taking a vacation to Split, Croatia, before costs match those of their neighbors in the Mediterranean region.

The international airport, which is conveniently located on the Dalmatian Coast, makes it simple to fly directly there and begin your exploration of this fascinating place—all for a fraction of the cost of traveling to its more expensive counterparts.

Even the most discerning tourists will enjoy their trip to this affordable Christmas vacation spot, which is full of wonders of every description. Even though the Adriatic Sea is splashed with sparkling pebble beaches, the city’s charming Old Town also contains traces of its colorful past.

And the food? We can only advise you to come hungry! You can expect a treat for your taste buds.

Are you feeling up for a sea voyage? Plan a boat day trip to explore the nearby, equally stunning regions of Hvar or Vis.

8. Nevada’s Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a fantastic place for a cheap Christmas vacation, despite the fact that many people view it as a hotspot for entertainment, shotgun weddings, and nights so exciting, their adventures must be kept a secret. Additionally, if you stay on The Strip, a trip to Vegas allows you to essentially travel from Paris to New York in a single day.

If you book your stay (and flight) before December 24th, this is one of the best places to go in December on a budget. Look online for a package deal to maximize your savings so you can attend a big concert (Celine or Adele, anyone?).

A stroll down lively Fremont Street, a helicopter tour of the nearby Grand Canyon, and a ride on the gondola at The Venetian Resort are some of the top attractions you shouldn’t miss.

Are you bringing the kids? great concept There are numerous family-friendly hotels in Las Vegas that offer exciting activities, opulent amenities, and outstanding kids’ clubs.

9. Morocco’s Marrakech

This is your chance to fulfill your fantasy of riding a camel into the sunset. A cheap vacation in Marrakech will expose you to a fascinating, strong, and vibrant culture and, possibly, allow you to cross off another continent from your list of places you’ve traveled.

Today, Marrakesh is the country’s religious and commercial hub. The legendary medina’s countless winding alleyways also make it a popular tourist destination.

It is advised to reserve a few days to experience the Sahara Desert after you have bought pottery, textiles, spices, and jewelry to give as gifts back home.

Nothing is more magical than sleeping under the African stars and waking up to climb a sand dune to watch the sunset, despite the windy eight-hour drive from Marrakech. And rest assured that Santa will definitely find you out here!

10. Cambodia’s Siem Reap

Cambodia is another region in Southeast Asia to keep in mind for a budget Christmas vacation spot. In recent years, curious tourists looking to understand the culture of this land and learn about its history have flocked to this region, not just young backpackers straight out of college.

Due to its proximity to Angkor Wat, one of the seven wonders of the world and a UNESCO World Heritage site, Siem Reap is where most tourists decide to stay while visiting the country. This enormous temple, which covers an area of more than 160 hectares, was originally a Hindu shrine and later converted to Buddhism.

Before tucking your weary traveling feet in for the night, you can also explore night markets and historic streets, like in most of Asia. A quick, reasonably priced flight will take you to Koh Rong if you feel like spending some time on the beach.

11. Belize, Central America

Belize’s beauty more than makes up for any size deficiencies. This tropical paradise, which is home to pristine beaches, thick jungles, and historic Mayan ruins, is a wonderful place to spend any holiday, especially Christmas.

For eco-tourists seeking to explore the second-largest barrier reef in the world (behind Australia’s Great Barrier Reef), Belize is a popular destination. The Lighthouse Reef Atoll, the Blue Hole, and the Ambergris Caye & Hol Chan Marine Reserve are a few of this sunny place’s top attractions. All are well-liked locations for diving and snorkeling.

A trip to this tropical wonderland is unBelizeable (sorry, we had to) with so many options for both land-based and water-based entertainment! And if you go in December, you’ll definitely find some great deals.

12. Kenya, Africa

You may get wet when going on safari in December because it is Kenya’s rainy season, but you will also enjoy fantastic savings during the Christmas season. Considering that the rains tend to be brief at this time of year, don’t worry too much about the moisture.

One of the best things to do in Kenya is to visit the Maasai Mara National Reserve. You won’t want to pass up the opportunity to see at least a few of the “Big Five” while traveling to one of Africa’s top game reserves. Less crowds and greater savings are two benefits of traveling over the holidays.

Visitors have the opportunity to see even more fascinating creatures than they would at other drier times of the year during the holiday season, which also celebrates the birth of many animals and welcomes the migratory birds of the summer.

During this time, some camps, mostly in the north, close, so plan your trip well in advance. Right before Christmas, Rusinga Island hosts the well-known Rusinga Cultural Festival over two days.

Don’t pass up the chance to see Narobi’s top sights. The capital of Kenya is constantly alive with culture and history. Nairobi National Park must be visited if there is only one thing you can fit into your schedule.

13. Colombia

Locals are eager to change the way that the world views their country, whereas previous generations of travelers and their families would have shied away from this South American destination. Since the notorious and destructive Pablo Escobar passed away, Colombia has continued to develop and come together, drawing jetsetters to its coffee plantations, rainforests, and other attractions.

The majority of locations in Colombia are reasonably priced, whether you choose to spend time in Medellin, which is surrounded by trees and has a thriving culinary and digital nomad scene, visit Bogota’s high-altitude mountains, or relax by the beach in Cartagena.

14. Montego Bay, Jamaica

Sincere answer: you’ve fantasized about escaping reality to spend Christmas lounging on a soft beach, sipping coconut water and soaking up the sun, far from your bothersome relatives. If this is accurate, Jamaica is the only place to go!

Montego Bay, a popular tourist destination, offers vacationers a tropical paradise setting complete with water so brilliantly turquoise that you need to wear sunglasses to see it. To cool off, jump in the water and swim, kayak, paddleboard, or snorkel.

Montego Bay is a fantastic, affordable Christmas vacation destination because there are lots of great deals to be had during the holidays. To save a little money, reserve an all-inclusive resort. The added benefit is that you can have dessert again without worrying about breaking the bank.

While you’re here, visit Rose Hall Great House, go on a guided rafting tour along the Martha Brae River, and find inspiration at the lovely Ahhh… Ras Natango Gallery and Garden.

15. Honduras, a country in Central America

If you want to stay within your travel budget, the Christmas holidays are the best time to visit Honduras, one of the least expensive countries in Central America. Compared to more pricey tropical locales (we’re looking at you, Maldives), flights and hotel rates are a breath of fresh air, and the scenery is just as amazing.

Along with significant financial savings, a Christmas vacation to Honduras will give you a travel experience that few others will ever have. In Central America, Christmas is a widely celebrated holiday, and Honduras is a big fan of its merry customs.

No matter where you choose to eat during this time, you’ll probably sit down to an affordable feast of delicious treats in addition to the Christmas Eve fireworks. You’ll probably be treated to another fireworks display on New Year’s because Hondurans love to light up the sky!

Why not sign up for some diving lessons, thrilling excursions to the region’s best islands, or a dolphin encounter with all that money you saved?

QnA Cheapest Places To Fly Over Christmas

Where is the cheapest place to fly during Christmas?

15 Best Cheap Christmas Holiday Destinations Riviera Maya, Mexico. Akumal Beach, Riviera Maya. Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Puerto Plata beach. Prague, Czech Republic. Christmastime in Prague. Chiang Mai, Thailand. Beautiful Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai. Bali, Indonesia. Curaçao. Split, Croatia. Las Vegas, Nevada.

How can I get cheap flights around Christmas?

Scheduling your departure flight earlier in the week and your return flight later in the week could help you save. Likewise, flying on Christmas itself is sometimes cheaper. You can also look at some of the less desirable times—early morning, late night, and red eye flights—that often cost a bit less.

Is flying on Christmas Day cheaper?

Based on Hipmunk’s historical data, departing on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve makes for the most inexpensive flights, with median round-trip prices for domestic flights under $400. Most people choose to depart earlier, with 68% of people booking flights departing between December 21-23.

Is it cheaper or more expensive to fly on Christmas?

While airline prices might skyrocket the closer you get to a holiday, prices are generally cheaper if you travel on the actual holiday. Although that may not always be ideal, Thanksgiving and Christmas travel can save you a lot of extra cash.

Where is warm and cheap in December?

You can find warmer weather in the Canary Islands and Madeira. It’s a perfect time for Mauritius ,Dubai and Abu Dhabi and the Caribbean. In terms of prices, December is a month of two halves. Travel in the first week or two and you may find a cheap deal.

Why are flights around Christmas so expensive?

“Airfares are tied to supply and demand, and prices are always cheaper when there are more seats available,” Mark Crossey, U.S. travel expert for the booking platform Skyscanner, said in an email. And as seats fill, prices rise.

What is the cheapest day to fly in December?

The cheapest days to fly for Christmas 2021 include: Wednesday, December 15. Tuesday, December 21. Friday, December 24. Saturday, December 25. Tuesday, December 28.

What is the best day to fly around Christmas?

Christmas falls on a Sunday this year, so many people will fly home the day after. Monday, December 26 and Tuesday, December 27 will be popular travel days, so try and wait until Wednesday or Thursday.

What is the cheapest day of the week to fly on?

Generally, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday are the cheapest days to fly, while Fridays and Sundays are pricier, according to travel deal site FareCompare. Leisure travelers tend to fly on the weekends, either starting their vacations on Friday or taking a long weekend Friday to Sunday.

What’s the worst day to fly?

Generally, the worst days of the week to fly domestically are Sunday, Monday, and Friday. Why are flights on Sunday, Monday, and Friday more expensive? Most business travel takes place on Monday and Friday. Many vacationers tend to fly on Fridays and Sundays.

Where is the best place to go abroad at Christmas?

Best Christmas holiday destinations DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. If seeking sun is on your agenda for the festive season, fancy highs of 29°C ? COSTA RICA. Costa Rica’s dry season runs from December to April, so the Christmas period is an ideal time for some winter sun. THAILAND. LA PALMA. CYPRUS. CAPE VERDE. SRI LANKA.

Where is the best place for a Christmas holiday?

Best places to spend Christmas in 2022 Iceland. Iceland is the perfect holiday destination for travellers in search of Christmas spirit. The Rhine. Germany. Barbados. Courchevel, France. Muscat, Oman. Edinburgh, Scotland. Salzburg, Austria.

How far in advance should I book a flight 2022?

about 3 months The best day to buy is slightly further out from your travel date, so keep in mind that the sweet spot for 2022 in terms of booking a reasonable price is about 3 months from your departure date.

Is it cheaper to fly during Thanksgiving or Christmas?

For Thanksgiving, that means domestic round-trip airfare will be an average of $350, 22 percent higher than 2019. Over Christmas, domestic flights are expected to cost $463 on average, up a whopping 31 percent compared to pre-pandemic prices.

What days are cheapest to fly internationally?

International flights are usually cheaper on weekdays while you will usually find airfare is cheaper for internal flights if you book on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. The most expensive days to book flights from the US are usually Fridays or Sundays.