9 Cheap Places Near Seattle

9 Cheap Places Near Seattle

Cheap Places Near SeattleSeattle has an allure that draws visitors from far and wide thanks to its breathtaking views, hospitable locals, and abundance of things to see and do.

Having said that, renting in a big city can be expensive, which is typically a sign of a high cost of living. You can find decent and reasonably priced housing in and around the area, though, if you do a little research.

We’ve put together a helpful guide on the least expensive neighborhoods in Seattle to save you time and energy because moving is already a stressful process.

Cheap Places Near Seattle

Cheap Places Near Seattle

Park South

For those who don’t mind living outside of the city center and traveling to Seattle, South Park is fantastic. One of the most cost-effective places to live in Seattle is this Duwamish River neighborhood.

Although the monthly average for apartments in this area is under $1,400, you can find some for as little as $1,200.


Greenwood, which is 15 minutes from downtown and one of the more affordable neighborhoods in Seattle, has a variety of apartments to suit all tastes and needs.

The neighborhood, for instance, offers studio apartments for as little as $900 per month, one-bedroom apartments for $1,300, and two-bedroom apartments for as little as $1,400. Additionally, Greenwood is regarded as a fantastic area for families.


The tranquility and lush surroundings you seek can occasionally be found outside the city limits rather than in the city center. Therefore, Pinehurst is your best option if you’re looking for a quiet and reasonably priced place to live on the outskirts of Seattle.

While there are places to stay for even less money, the average monthly rental cost in this area is about $1,600. Apartments with a studio cost as little as $1,100 per month; those with a bedroom cost $1,300; and those with two bedrooms cost just under $2,000 per month.

West of Lake Washington, in the Northgate district, is where you’ll find Pinehurst.

New York City

Southeast of downtown Seattle is this vibrant and diverse neighborhood, which is a great place to call home. You can fully immerse yourself in a diverse global culture in Columbia City, where more than 60 languages are spoken.

The cost of rent per month is also on the low side. There are apartments that are much less expensive than the average monthly rent of $1,700. A studio apartment will cost you around $1,000, a one-bedroom apartment will cost you $1,300, and a two-bedroom apartment will cost you $1,500 per month.


Redmond, which is a little further away, is a favorite among young professionals employed by the city’s tech sector.

The popularity of this area is a result of its close proximity to companies like Nintendo, Microsoft, and Amazon. Despite Redmond’s close proximity to these corporations, the majority of its apartments are reasonably priced. In this region, two-bedroom apartments start at $1,500.


For single people, young professionals, and families alike, Bryant, a peaceful neighborhood in Northeast Seattle, is a great choice.

A studio or one-bedroom apartment in this area can be rented for $1,600 per month, while a two-bedroom apartment can be had for $1,885. However, there are residences that provide much better value.


On the western shore of Lake Washington, Madrona offers a wide selection of seafood as well as breath-taking views of the body of water.

By car, it’s only 10 to 25 minutes to downtown Seattle, and 34th Street is home to a thriving business district. Families enjoy the area because there are so many family-friendly activities available all year.There are also a number of family-friendly stores and eateries in this area.

Madrona also provides reasonably priced lodging for singles, couples, and families. Expect to pay roughly $1,000 and $1,350 per month for a studio apartment and a one-bedroom apartment, respectively. The area’s lowest two-bedroom apartment rental rate is $1,500 per month.


In the heart of Seattle, there is a charming, hilly neighborhood called Magnolia. It provides breathtaking views of Seattle’s skyline in the east and Puget Sound in the west. One of the safest communities in the entire state of Washington is Magnolia.

Despite its combination of security and beautiful real estate, you can still find respectable lodging for affordable prices. A two-bedroom apartment can be rented for as little as $1,500 per month, while a one-bedroom apartment costs around $1,200.


In contrast to the chaos and pace of city life, Wedgwood offers a peaceful and quiet lifestyle. Although sufficiently removed from Seattle’s bustle, this area is close enough to Seattle for commuting.

Additionally, it is located to the north of the Greater Seattle area, providing easy access to the city’s exciting attractions. Wedgwood is, more importantly, affordably priced, with a median rent of $1,500 per month. Here, you can rent a one-bedroom apartment for as little as $1,300 a month and a two-bedroom apartment for as little as $1,400.

average salary in Seattle

Seattle’s average household income is $93,481. The city is promising for young families and young professionals with its bustling population of almost 745,000, a median age of 35.2, and a poverty rate of just 11.8%.

What are you still holding out for? In Seattle, Washington, there are a ton of affordable housing options available to you. This unique city not only offers fantastic views, a ton of things to do, and a ton of job opportunities, but it’s also a great place to live on a budget.

FAQ: Cheap Places Near Seattle

What’s the cheapest place to live near Seattle?

affordable neighborhood in Seattle’s South Park. Located on the Duwamish River, South Park is an enclave full of personality and much more affordable than the rest of the city—under $1,400 a month on average. Colombian city. Pinehurst. green wood.

What areas of Seattle are affordable?

Here are some of the cheapest neighborhoods in Seattle. Bitter lake. North Beacon Hill, Rent./Tressa.Rent./Westview Apartments is the source.Beacon Hill. Average 2-BR rental: $1,635 Lake Stickney-Paine FieldRent./HighGrove Apartments is the source.Northwest Seattle. Pinehurst. Puget Business Park. Roosevelt.

What is the cheapest city in Seattle?

The most affordable place in Seattle is Kenmore. One neighborhood with homes in the $400,000 range is Kenmore, and it’s a great community for families. redmond. Redmond is a major attraction for young professionals and families working in Seattle’s tech industry. Pinehurst. Mount Baker. High Point.

Where is the cheapest place to live near Washington?

2022: Most Affordable Cities on Moses Lake, Washington Kelso. Cheney. House Price to Income Ratio: 7.22% in Spokane House Price to Income Ratio: 3.73% Yakima House Price to Income Ratio: 3.85% Pasco House Price to Income Ratio: 3.18% Walla Walla House Price to Income Ratio: 4.03% Shelton House Price to Income Ratio: 3.98%

What is a decent salary in Seattle?

Living Wage Calculation for Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA 1 adult, 2 adults (two working), 0 children, 3 children $19.81 per hour $31.50 per hourPoverty Wage: $6.19 to $7.46 Minimum Wage: $14.49 $14.49

Is Olympia cheaper than Seattle?

The cost of living in Seattle, WA, is 28.8% higher than in Olympia, WA.

Is Seattle cheaper than the Bay Area?

Home prices in Seattle tend to be more affordable than in many parts of the Bay Area, making them a popular choice for relocations looking for a similar climate and job opportunity in the tech industry.

Why is Seattle unreachable?

The biggest reason why Seattle is expensive is because of the price of the land and its zoning. The majority of land in Seattle falls under zoning for single-family households.

Is it cheaper to live in Seattle or the Bay Area?

Cost of Living Comparison Between Seattle, WA, and San Francisco, CA You’d need about $8,609.46 in San Francisco, CA, to maintain the same standard of living you could have with $7,100.00 in Seattle, WA (assuming you rent in both cities).

Is Seattle cheaper than Oregon?

Consumer prices in Portland are 10% lower than in Seattle. Consumer prices, including rent, are 17% lower in Portland than in Seattle.

Is it cheaper to live in Seattle or Bellevue?

With this in mind, the overall cost of living in Bellevue is 64% higher than the national average and 16% higher than in Seattle.

Can’t afford to live in Seattle? Just live here.

Olympia, Washington If you are looking for a bigger city atmosphere but can’t justify paying so much to live in Seattle, Olympia is for you. Olympia, the state capital, has it all and is just over an hour from Seattle. In fact, it has also earned a spot on our “Best Places to Live” list. The quality of life here is high.

Is it cheaper to live in Washington or Oregon?

Oregon is 7.8% cheaper than Washington.

Which parts of Washington are affordable?

Cities like Olympia, Richmond, Bothell, and Auburn all qualify as affordable areas in Washington.

Is it cheaper to live in Washington State or California?

California has good weather, climate, and jobs, and the university atmosphere is also impressive. However, the state has high taxes, the cost of living is high, and housing costs are also very steep. The cost of moving to Washington State From the moving average price, Los Angeles Seattle 8000 San Diego Seattle 9000