Cheap Massage Places Singapore Under $70

Cheap Massage Places Singapore Under $70

Cheap Massage Places Singapore Under $70, You would find yourself going to bed with a sore neck and lower back that not even Salonpas could alleviate if you spent your time hunching over laptops or desktops. Singapore’s affordable massage parlors On days like this, a good, affordable massage could relieve all of your muscle aches.

These are a few of the 17 places to get inexpensive massages. You can undo those knots for less than $70 without having to worry about going into shady areas.

lupsup or fretting over JB tickets in parlors.

Cheap Massage Places Singapore Under $70

Cheap Massage Places Singapore Under $70

1. Spa Healing Touch: trial pricing for special services

Healing Hands‘ serene, neutral design conceals the fact that its spa services are reasonably priced. You can purchase Healing Touch’s introductory offer at a discounted rate of $58/hour for the value of their three different full-body massages, which are valued at $80 and higher.

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Besides the massages that are specific to Healing Hands, the spa offers free trials of slimming treatments beginning at $28 for services worth $180 or more. Now is the time to channel your inner Kiasu auntie and seize these first-timer discounts.

Massages come highly recommended. Deep Tissue Massage, 60 minutes ($59ep Tissue Massage, 60 minutes ($59).

2. Chen Kang Wellness: 20- to 30-minute sessions starting at $26

If you don’t tend to judge a book by its cover, Chen Kang Wellness should be an inexpensive massage establishment you visit for their quick fixes and competitive prices.

During your lunch break, their 20-minute Neck and Shoulder Massage is ideal if you’re searching for a quick fix for your sore muscles. $26 Other therapies are available, such as a 30-minute sports injury treatment at $37 for people who are active and want to get rid of their muscle pain.

A 30-minute Shoulder Massage for Laptop Users is available if you just want to relax your shoulders after using a laptop for an extended period of time. It costs $38 and will quickly relax your muscles.

Most economical massage: a 20-minute massage of the shoulders and neck ($26).

3. Han Dynasty Spa offers senior citizens discounted rates and unlimited use of the sauna.

The Han Dynasty Spa is a spa with a Korean theme that offers a luxurious boutique spa experience without the high cost.

If you want to detox during the day, you can even use the sauna as much as you like for $35. Dynasty of Han offers a discounted rate of $38 for senior citizens 60 and older every day from Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. for a 60-minute foot or body massage.

Every Tuesday, a discounted 90-minute full-body massage is available exclusively for women. $70 The 60-minute 4-in-1 Therapy covers the neck, shoulders, and back in 20 minutes, while the 40-minute foot reflexology checks all of your boxes for an hour’s worth of treatment. stating the sAward-winning 60-minute foot reflexology from The Daily Vanity ($45)

4. Ashi Foot Reflexology in Katong is widely acclaimed.

Reflexology of the feet is obviously Ashi‘s forte—not because of its name but rather due to the numerous positive testimonials left by delighted clients. If you’ve been running errands or walking around for a while and your feet are beyond sore, stop by.

Foot Reflexology by Ashi a 60-minute foot massage for less than $10 at $40Reviews indicate that you can try their 60-minute full-body massage for a low cost if you enjoy body massages with more force. $50 You can choose a 10-minute neck and shoulder massage for $5 if you feel sore from staring at your computer for too long.

5. TD Spa is a clean, late-night Thai massage shop.

Take TD Spa at face value; all kinds of fears are certain to surface in your mind. But if you set your judgment aside, you might find one of the most genuine massages in Singapore at a fair price.

All treatments are performed in true Thai style on floor mattresses to give the therapists here enough room to stretch and contort you while you’re fully clothed until your circulation and joint flexibility are restored. from only $55. Since it’s open until late—2 AM—you can get a good, non-suspicious Thai massage to rebalance your body before a restful night’s sleep.

6. OD Wellness Jalan Tua Kong offers trustworthy and first-rate service.

Sit back in the plush chairs and treat yourself to a satisfying massage at spa OD Wellness.Customers frequently compliment the spa’s skilled masseuses and superior service, which keeps them coming back for more.

The staff here does not employ the hard-sell strategy, so you also don’t need to get ready for a barrage of package proposals.

Prices start at just $38 for a 45-minute foot reflexology session during off-peak hours and $55 Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. for a 60-minute body massage. If you miss this happy hour offer, it’s only a small loss.

$10 for a top-up is still fairly affordable. Additionally, you can take advantage of 30-minute services like guasha, aromatherapy, and hot stone therapy. $45 each.

7. Reflexology at Feet Haven: Homemade Massage Combos

If you ever need both a shoulder massage and a reflexology session but only have enough money for one, this is the place to go.

Shiok Combi Therapy from Feet Haven Reflexology Your ailments will all be cured at once by your options. Choose from one of their specialized massage therapies for the body and feet, starting at just $45 for a complete hour of therapy.

Additionally, the spa offers savings packages that allow you to save up to $21–251 for those who enjoy getting their regular massages while enjoying cheap thrills. The containers may also be utilized in other

Shoes Haven outlets are among friends and family. Furthermore, while you are covered by the package, there is no restriction on the kinds of treatments you can receive.

8. 30-minute deep tissue massages are $35 net at Ancient Dynasty Spa.

The last thing you want when paying hard-earned money for a massage is to be surprised by an inflated bill due to the service fee and GST. Fortunately, you can relax and enjoy your treatment at Ancient Dynasty Spa knowing that all of the prices listed on the menu are net.

You won’t have to worry about the massage being a hit or miss because both of their Thomson and Siglap locations have amassed more than 200 excellent reviews overall. The best part is that their massages begin at just $30 for each of their 30-minute treatments. Their peak prices only require a $5 top-up, so you won’t be significantly impacted.

From Fridays through Sundays, the spa is open one hour later, until 3 a.m., so it’s TGIF for you and your body. The provided price list spans from to. Therefore, make your next appointment as soon as possible, or visit their website for more information.

9. Reflexology for the precious feet: iPads with Netflix are available.

Who knew you could watch Netflix while getting your feet massaged? Reflexology of the Precious Foot

Reflexology of the Precious Foot is a modest spa in Jurong that provides full-body massages lasting 60 minutes for $58 as well as 60 minutes of foot reflexology for $58—both of which are popular with customers.

If you haven’t subscribed to Netflix yet, now is the time. You can use the provided iPads to get your therapy while watching your favorite shows and movies for free.

There are ongoing deals that allow you to get more services for less money, like the 20-minute neck and shoulder massage and the 40-minute foot reflexology. $50, and the two people can receive a 60-minute body massage for $100 ($50 per person). You could also enjoy a satisfying foot soak for $5. Make an appointment in advance to avoid long lines given the restaurant’s popularity with returning customers.

10. Imperial Spa offers specials from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Think twice if you say that Empire Spa was not worth the money you spent. Despite its less opulent appearance, customers return time and again because of the service and cleanliness. services beginning at $32, relax, and get a good, affordable massage that isn’t suspicious.

Since it’s open until 4 a.m., you can definitely get a late-night massage if your body craves one.

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If you noticed any similarities between Imperial and Royal Spa, you should know that they are sister spas!Try the services offered by Kingdom Spa, which start at $49; if you enjoy a good in-room bath in your own private room, they are $32. Another cool feature of this spa is that they have a physiotherapist on staff who offers free consultations to recommend the best, most affordable massages to remove your knots.

Put your worries aside; according to customers, the experience you receive justifies the price tag. Expect a good rub at Kingdom Spa, along with its high standards for cleanliness. If you are unable to experience the renowned Qi Renewal Body Massage at Imperial Spa, you can get it here instead for $69 too.

12. The least expensive body massage is Yong Kang Reflexology, at $48 per hour.

Reflexology by Yong Kang keeps it simple as a no-frills massage parlor renowned for both its warm customer service and its effective foot massages. If you enjoy vigorous foot massages, this
the location to be.additional to the $10 add-ons, such as guasha Try the 60-minute foot reflexology for $120 if you want a massage with cupping for $32.

13. Green Apple, a movie showing on television

Its name doesn’t tell you anything, Apple Green, except that it’s a spa.Don’t be fooled by the spa’s unassuming exterior; it is a reputable business that has gained the trust of numerous young people seeking a satisfying foot massage after hours because it is open until 4 a.m. daily. The lack of late-night fees makes the spa even more alluring!

As you receive a foot massage at the spa, feel free to relax in the green plush seats and watch a movie on the TV projector ($46). There is free WiFi available at Green Apple if you want to stay connected without using up all of your data plan.

The second floor of the spa is furnished with luxurious white recliners that can be used as massage tables for full-body massages. When you visit Green Apple after 00:00:00, don’t forget to take advantage of your $10 off full-body massages and $7 off foot massages.

14. Tang Dynasty: spacious rooms with in-room showers available until 6 a.m.

If your feet are screaming for a massage after a night of clubbing, Dynasty of Tang has you covered.On Friday and Saturday, this shabby-loo6 a.m.king spa offers large massage rooms and a relieving massage for $60 that is available until 6AM. You’ll never have to pay a triple-digit sum for an early-morning massage.

Get a body massage in Oriental style for $60/hour. If you need a pick-me-up during the week, call at ungodly hours.The in-room shower is included in the $60 price so that you can remove the oils privately. Moreover, you can partake in $10 extras. If you’re in the mood for an aromatic treat, try body scrubs with ginger or lavender.

15. Natureland: affordable luxury starting at $40/hour

satisfy your rich Taitai imaginings at Spa Natureland. You can take advantage of the spa’s slick and sophisticated design while receiving affordable massage treatments that will relieve those muscle knots, such as a 60-minute Body Therapy at the spa. $69.55.

You can really get your money’s worth and concentrate on your massage in plush massage beds and itch-free peace, with “crazy rich” interiors and comfortable disposable undergarments. Given that they are open until late, getting a massage at that time is not strange. Knowing your worth can make you feel like a real baller. $40 for a 30-minute session of 4-in-1 therapy while you relax in the plush armchairs and receive expert care from your designated masseuse.

Even the smallest services, like the 20-minute Guasha for Back Massage, can be purchased at this spa if all you want to do is visit it. $26 entitles you to a first-hand luxury experience.

16. A large couple’s massage room at the Emperor Spa with an attached jacuzzi

Illuminated signs make it possible to see Prince Spa from a distance at night. The Imperial guardian lions right at the entrance of the spa, which is tucked away in Chinatown, scream Oriental. In addition to its design, they stay open until 4 a.m., to be precise. If you spent the entire day walking around in heels, this can help you work out the kinks.

If you have any doubts about the quality of the service, regular clients will reassure you and extol the virtues of their visits to the spa. As soon as you enter the massage rooms, feel free to use the TVs to watch shows while getting a foot massage for $39/hour.

Emperor Spa also has a large couple’s room with a jacuzzi attached if you want to relax after your massage for a while. This is a great option for couples looking for a good, affordable massage date spot.

17. Heal Spa has a sizable spa menu, starting at $28/hour.

The minimal interior of Heal Spa is made up for by its extensive spa menu. You’ll struggle to decide which massage you want to treat yourself to, from extras like foot baths and ear candling to aromatherapy massage and hot stone massage.

Try one of their unusual therapies, like moxibustion therapy, if you’re not into the standard massages. $55.64) and abdominal care therapy ($55.64), which boosts your vitality and digestive system.

Affordable massage clinics in Singapore

With these unsuspicious cheap massage parlors in your neighborhood, you don’t have to go far for a quick boost when your body needs serious kneading to release your tense muscles.

When payday arrives, it would be unacceptable to forgo treating yourself at any time of the day when there are budget-friendly options and late-night appointments available.

FAQ Affordable massage facilities in Singapore

In Singapore, are massages reasonably priced?

Affordable massages performed by the best masseuses are available at the Ancient Dynasty Spa in Singapore. Prices for a 30-minute session start at $30. There are many services available, including full-body scrubs and massages.

What is the price of a massage in Singapore?

How much do massages cost in Singapore? Cheap massage locations A typical 60-minute body massage costs between $45 and $80, though some locations charge more because of the luxurious services they offer, like a free onsen or spa.

The cost of a spa in Singapore Average Cost of a Spa Treatment in Singapore in 2022: Value Champion Low-End Luxury Facial NGARINGA S$245.40 Body & Combination S$73.20 S$216.60 Massage S$58.20 S$211.20 TOTAL S$59.40 S$224.

What should you expect to pay for a massage?

The national average for a massage is $100 per session, but costs can vary from $65 to $180. Singapore Massage Salons at Low PricesThe average hourly cost of a massage ranges from $40 to $145.

Is getting a massage worth the money?

In Singapore, are massages reasonably priced? THE VERDICT Massage is healthy for you, but there isn’t much evidence to support the claims made about its primary advantages. Even one massage therapy session can have a positive impact on depression and anxiety symptoms, and repeated sessions can have an even greater impact. Does massage pay off? What advantages can you anticipate?

How are regular massages financed?

In Singapore, are massages reasonably priced? Find deals on Groupon, schedule a massage at a cosmetology or bodywork school, take unwanted items to a consignment shop, consider bartering, pack your lunch, ride-share, use Ebates, and shop at home—these are just a few of the ways to get a massage on a tight budget (and why you need one!). Item of Interest: • Why You Need a Massage and How to Get One on a Budget

How should I dress for a massage?

What is the price of a massage in Singapore? Massage therapists are able to work with any level of undress. You should ultimately enjoy all the wellness advantages of your personalized massage at a Massage Envy franchise location. You can choose your level of attire and wear whatever you want. What to Wear While Getting a Massage

Do you give tips for Singaporean massage?

What is the price of a massage in Singapore? Budget between 10% and 15% of the treatment cost. This means that for a massage that costs 100 Singapore dollars, you might think about leaving a tip of 10 dollars if the service was satisfactory or about as you’d expect, or 15% if the therapist gave you an exceptional experience. Tipping Etiquette in Singapore: Who and Where to Tip

Why are massages so expensive?

What is the price of a massage in Singapore? The massage therapist works exclusively for you and hopes to make enough money from massages to support themselves. Therefore, the biggest cost of the service is the therapist’s time, which is why spa services will seem pricey when compared to discretionary expenditures like dining out and going to the movies. Why are spa and massage treatments so expensive? J. Sterling

What does a full-body massage cost?

The cost of a spa in Singapore The cost can vary significantly depending on the type of massage, how long it lasts, and the standard of the spa. The average cost of a massage in the country is $100, but prices can vary from $65 to $180. What Is a Full Body Massage and What Does It Include?

How old must you be to receive a full-body massage?

The cost of a spa in Singapore Sincerely, massage is available to people of any age. All ages, including adults, teenagers, and children, can benefit from massage. However, one might wonder what use massage would be to a young child under the age of five. Age Restrictions for Oasis Therapeutic Acupressure Massage

Are spa days worthwhile?

The cost of a spa in Singapore It is impossible to overstate how good a spa trip is for your health. Spa getaways are fantastic for your body and mind. Benefits can include detoxing, easing everyday aches and pains, enhancing your health and fitness through diet and exercise, and perhaps even losing a little weight, depending on the treatments you receive. Spa vacations: are they worth it?

What is forbidden during a massage?

What Not to Do with Your Massage Therapist: Make excessive noises, comment on our looks or attractiveness, poke your head out of the room to let us know you’re ready, start undressing while we’re still in the room, touch us, and so on.

Is refusing to tip a massage therapist impolite?

You should anticipate leaving a 20 percent tip in any situation involving a massage or spa treatment because tips are customary practice for massage therapists (unless a self-employed therapist specifically tells you their rate is all-inclusive). Not certain Tipping is always appreciated, according to Post, who advises that you should always inquire. Real Simple: How Much to Tip for a Massage (or Other Spa Treatment)

Do I need to wash up before my massage?

Take a warm shower first because the warmth of the water will start to relax you and make you more receptive to massage. In addition to easing any personal hygiene insecurities you may have, cleaning your body before a massage is much appreciated by your massage therapist.