Can Travel Nurses Stay In One State

Can Travel Nurses Stay In One State

Can Travel Nurses Stay In One StateWhat is a travel nurse? Job description and salary, After determining what a travel nurse is and what a travel nurse does, current and future nurses may want to know how to become a travel nurse.

Can Travel Nurses Stay In One State
Can Travel Nurses Stay In One State

The steps required to become a travel nurse include the following:

  • get an ASN or BSN degree
  • taking the NCLEX to become a Registered Nurse (RN)
  • gain employment experience
  • get a license
  • signing a contract with a recruitment agency for tourist nurses

Any nurse who has received an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in an accredited nursing program is eligible to become a visiting nurse. Several ways lead to meeting these educational requirements:

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)
  • Junior Research Associate Degree in Nursing (ASN) for Entry-level RNS
  • LPN to BSN Bridge Program for Licensed Practical or Professional Nurses or Licensed Paramedics
  • from the LPN to the ASN degree for licensed practical nurses

take the NCLEX to become a registered nurse.

After obtaining an associate’s  or bachelor’s degree in nursing, the next step to becoming a visiting nurse is to take the National Board License Exam, also known as the NCLEX-RN exam.

Once they pass the NCLEX exam and meet the requirements of the State Nursing Board, candidates will be eligible to become registered nurses. From there, they need to start gaining enough nursing experience to take advantage of the opportunities as a visiting nurse.

get work experience in the specialty

Nursing professionals interested in travel nursing should look ahead and gain experience in their desired specialty while continuing to work full-time as a regular nurse so that they can work in a specialized nursing environment as a travel nurse.

For example, a visiting nurse who has no experience in the neonatal intensive care unit will not apply for a job in the intensive care unit. This applies to all specialties.

get a license

To become a registered nurse, a professional must have a license in the state where he works. The Nursing Licensing Agreement (NLA) allows RNS to have a single nursing license operating in multiple states.

The National Council of State Nursing Boards tracks the states that have implemented the NLC. For professionals living in states participating in the NLC, an additional license may not be required to work as a visiting nurse. However, traveling nurses who wish to work outside of the NLC will have to obtain an additional license in the state in which they work.

Working with a travel agent

The final step to becoming a travel nurse involves signing a contract with a travel care agent.

The benefits offered by each recruitment agency will be different, as will the alliances they may have with specific hospitals or healthcare networks, specific geographical areas, or even specific nursing specialties.

How long can a traveling nurse stay in one place?

Travel nurses usually receive tax-free reimbursement for various expenses because they travel to work outside of their tax home.

However, there is a limit on how long a traveling nurse can stay in one place and continue to claim a tax-free refund. In this article, we will look at all aspects of this topic so that travel nurses can approach it with confidence.

How long can a traveling nurse work in the same place?

First, you must have a tax house to qualify for a non-cash refund. If you don’t have a tax office, then the IRS considers you a traveling employee.

Traveling nurses can still perform nursing assignments on business trips. However, they have to pay taxes on all their compensation. In fact, traveling nurses have to pay taxes, even if the travel agency pays them tax-free compensation.

Therefore, if you are a traveling nurse, you can work at the same place for as long as you want. However, hospitals or agencies may limit your time in certain places. However, these restrictions are not related to your tax status.

Reasons why nurse travelers can’t stay in one place for too long

Travel nurses receiving tax-free compensation cannot stay in one place for too long because their tax office will move to that location. In fact, everything is much worse than it seems.

You see, the IRS defines a tax house as “the entire city or district as a whole where your business or work is located… no matter where you keep your family home.” So, taxing your home is more about where you work and less about where you call home.

So here’s the thing: If your tax office is moved, then you will have to pay tax on all tax-free compensation that you have collected for the entire period of your stay there. This retroactive treatment can lead to large, unforeseen expenses.

How do we define a “place” or a length of time?

Next, it is important to note the ambiguous language that the IRS uses in its definition of “tax chambers.” They say it’s “a whole city or a common area.” What is a “common area”? It can be a lot of things!

As a result, there are several “places” for which we have a clear explanation. But there are other “places” that are harder for us to identify. Therefore, we must rely on the previous court cases of the US Internal Revenue Service as a guide.

The IRS also defines the period during which you can stay in the “common area” and continue to claim compensation. In this case, the IRS says that your responsibilities cannot be “unlimited.” They define an indefinite appointment as a task that is “realistically expected to last more than 1 year.”

general criteria

As you can see, the IRS does not give clear rules on how long employees can stay in one place before their IRS moves there. However, now we have three general criteria. They are as follows:

  • An important amount of income in relation to your total income.
  • Location is defined as “a city or public area.”
  • 12 months is the maximum duration.

How long can a traveling nurse stay in one place?

While there are no hard and fast rules as to how long a visiting nurse can work in one place, the general rule is to never work in one place for more than 12 months during a 24-month period.

However, you should also make sure that the income you receive in any of the tourist destinations consistently makes up the majority of your total income.

How long do traveling nurses have to be away before they can return to the same place?

So how long a traveling nurse has to leave before she can return to the same place depends on the following three criteria:

  • How long have the tourist nurses been working there?
  • How long does the traveling nurse intend to stay after returning?
  • percentage of cancellation revenue attributable to the specified location

We have a lot to unpack here. Let’s look at some examples.

Example 1: A business trip nurse returns home for 30 days.

Assume you worked as a visiting nurse in location X for 360 days, or nearly a year.Then you go back to the tax office and work as a PRN at a local hospital for 30 days. Then you return to the place (X) as a visiting nurse as soon as you have spent 30 days at home.

How long can you work instead of (X) before you come across general guidelines? If you say, “a little more than a  then you are right! You’ve only been working for one month. So 11 of the previous 12 months were in place (X).

This is a scenario that many in the industry believe will meet the requirements. Unfortunately, no. You won’t be able to complete the standard 13-week contact when you return.

Example 2: A visiting nurse usually returns to the same place.

Now suppose you have been working as a nurse at location (X) for 6 months. Then you take a vacation for two months for fun. Then you go back to your tax office and work for 4 months. Now suppose you repeat this process for several years, always returning to the same place (X).

Technically, you have never worked on site (X) for more than 12 months during a 24-month period. However, if you receive more income instead of (X) than in your tax office, your tax office will eventually relocate to (X).

Remember, first of all, that your tax house is the place where you get your income. If you consistently get most of your income from the same place, then that place will eventually become your tax home.

The bottom line is that traveling nurses have to constantly move to keep their current tax status. Now let’s see how all this relates to different types of “places.”

How long does a nurse travel to the same hospital?

The generally accepted rule of thumb is to never work for more than 12 months during a 24-month period in the same hospital. Also, you want to make sure that no hospital away from your tax home will become your main source of income for several years.

How long can a visiting nurse stay in one city?

The generally accepted rule of thumb is to never work for more than 12 months during a 24-month period in the same city. In addition, you want to be sure that no city far from your tax house will become your main source of income for several years.

Many traveling nurses wonder if they will be able to work in the same city for years if they are constantly changing hospitals. If you do, then your tax office will move to this city.

How long can a visiting nurse stay in one area?

The generally accepted rule of thumb is to never work for more than 12 months in a 24-month period in the same field. In addition, you want to make sure that no area remote from your tax office will become your main source of income for several years.

This is the most difficult to deal with because we don’t have a clear definition of “area.” For example, let’s say you are constantly working on nursing assignments at two hospitals that are 50 miles apart.

This hospital is not located in the same city. They may not even be in the same metropolis.

However, you could live in the middle of two hospitals, and your commute would be 25 miles to each hospital.

25 miles is definitely a smart ride. It won’t require you to stay overnight to meet the job requirements. So your tax office is likely to switch to this area if you have been working there for more than 12 months over a 24-month period.

Again, there are no firm rules. Therefore, we cannot specify the exact distance at which each hospital where you work should be located from each other. However, it should certainly be far enough away that you cannot reach both hospitals from some equidistant point.

How long can a traveling nurse stay in the same state?

A traveling nurse can stay in the same country indefinitely if she continues to move to different areas, so she never spends more than 12 months during a 24-month period in the same area.

Also, you want to make sure that no area away from your tax home will become your main source of income for several years.


As you can see, the rules are pretty simple. However, the IRS guidelines are not specific about the definition of “scope.” But the spirit of the rules is quite clear. The bottom line is that traveling nurses have to move to different places quite often in order to keep their tax records.

FAQ: Can Travel Nurses Stay in One State?

Can you live in the same city as a traveling nurse? Answer: Of course! Local tourist treatments are possible, but there are a few important things you need to know before you start. Keep reading to learn how to become a visiting nurse in your own country, about the advantages and disadvantages of having a visiting nurse in your hometown, and much more.

How long can you stay in one place as a visiting nurse? One thing that all traveling nurses should remember is that there is a limit of one year on their stay on one assignment. Although you can extend the same duties of a visiting nurse several times, after one year, you will have to leave not only these duties but also the place of work itself.

Can you stay closer to home as a visiting nurse? It can be done, but there are some trade-offs. The first thing you should know is that some medical institutions have internal regulations prohibiting hiring local nurses to travel. In many cases, hospitals may require that all travelers have a permanent residence more than 50 miles from the institution.

Which states need travel nurses the most? California consistently has the highest demand for visiting nurses throughout the year. Alaska and Hawaii are the best states for California travel nurses.Texas. New Jersey. South Carolina.

What are the rules of patient care when traveling? The most basic requirement to become a tourist nurse is a valid and unencumbered RN license. Nurses who have received an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing are eligible. Some travel nursing agencies may prefer to hire BSN-trained registered nurses, but a BSN degree is not an official job requirement.

Should a visiting nurse move? Tips for caring for local tourists Although you do not have to travel across the country to complete each task, there are certain rules regarding the distance at which the task must be from the nurse’s home in order to be considered a traveler.

What are the disadvantages of patient care when traveling? The main disadvantages of working as a nurse when traveling are that you will always be in an unfamiliar environment. You will always be a new person. Different salary levels What do you do when your contract ends? not the best job responsibilities. License issues. Floating. Your contract may be terminated.

Do nurses earn 10 thousand a week? The COVID pandemic has led to an increase in the salaries of visiting nurses in high-demand areas, who pay more than $10,000 a week.

How many times can you call as a visiting nurse? For example, you can cancel a call three times in a 13-week period due to illness. Although these may be the only 3 sick calls you have during the year, it may seem that you are constantly calling patients to the hospital.

Do tourist nurses work three days a week? Your schedule as a visiting nurse is similar to that of a nurse from Perm. Usually you will work somewhere between 3 and 4 days, mostly in 12-hour shifts. A typical schedule is drawn up in such a way as to help avoid emotional burnout for a nurse.

Is it hard to buy a house when you are a traveling nurse? Getting a mortgage can be a daunting task for a traveling nurse whose 13-week contract looks like an unreliable job to the guarantor. Part of your compensation comes in the form of travel allowances or other compensations not specified in Form W-2, which makes your compensation look lower than it actually is.

Can you report an illness as a visiting nurse? If you need to cancel a shift, be sure to follow the proper protocol. The first call you should make is to your recruiter or the agency’s communication channel. Even if you work in a hospital, your agent is your employer, so it’s important to let them know if you’re going to lose your job.

Which countries have the highest-paid travel nurses? Salary of a traveling nurse in California With a high cost of living in California, it is surprising that the salary of an employer of a traveling nurse in California is the highest among the west coast states.Travel nurses are most in demand in California, which is the fourth-highest-paid state in the U.S.

Do you pay taxes in two states as a traveling nurse? Do nurse travelers pay state income tax in the country where they live and in the country where they work? It depends on the conditions of your permanent residence and the conditions of your work. Some states have reciprocity agreements that specify that traveling nurses pay income tax to only one state, while others do not.

What are the highest-paid travel nurses? Telemetry nurses on business trips occupy one of the highest-paid positions on business trips, earning about $130,870 a year. This salary is equal to $62.92 per hour, $2,517 per week, or $10,910 per month.