Business Networks – The Point Of No Return

Business networks – the point of no return

On some level, it makes sense to respond to the market. What I’ve learned is that there is a point of no return…for calls or emails and even gifts. You might think mashy! But I stand firm.

A phone message that sounds like a telemarketing call because there’s only a name and number left and no message – no call back required. Or maybe the call is from someone you’ve already been involved with and find them a bit sleazy, annoying, or annoying. Or the call could be from an ex-boyfriend who only initiates contact when he needs something.

Or an old flame whose behavior and outgoings would best be described as unreasonable.

A relative of mine has her secretary checking her calls and not answering her phone at home. It simply arbitrarily ignores messages. This works for her at work. Relatives got tired of this and stopped wasting their time calling her to keep in touch – which was probably her goal.

Same with email responses. If you know you don’t want any more interactions with anyone, don’t respond.

I had dinner with a colleague on a business trip who had invited one of her buddies to join us. It started as a fun evening of good, lively conversation and deteriorated when the second bottle of wine turned into MS. Head to Estelle Getty-The Golden Girl Whose Stroke Damaged Brain Cells “When Do You Bite Your Tongue”. She was rude, jealous, rude and insulting and ignored my kind comments as she proceeded to repeat her offensive remarks no less than three times.

Yes, I sent an email. I did not answer. Her mail had no apologies, but she wanted one more referral for her business. Could I have given her a hearing on the phone, in person, or online? yes. Did you do? No, he was going to waste my time. Offenders of good taste and behavior are often clueless when hearing a reaction to their behavior.

When a subsequent email indicated MS behavior would be in my part of the country and she wanted to meet me. In fact, I wouldn’t spend another minute with someone devoid of social intelligence. How can I trust that she will not engage in another insulting tirade? Could I have taken the time and told her what I did that hurt? yes. I choose not to.

Someone who is a repeat offender will not “get” my feedback. There was no reason to waste time.

This brings us to the loop. We know when we reach that point and we have to respect it. The voice in our stomach guides us and saves us time, energy and turmoil. When the actions, actions, and words of others do not work in our favor and work against us, this is the perfect message that we should pay attention to.

It is a point of no return. This message rings loud and clear.