5 Ways To Travel On Your Own Without Going It Alone

5 Ways To Travel On Your Own Without Going It Alone

5 Ways To Travel On Your Own Without Going It Alone. Solo travel has become a hot topic. In contrast to “individual” travel, it is a broader group. It can include people who are single, married, or have a partner/significant other. It might be a business person looking to add a leisure weekend or extend a business trip. Two barriers to solo travel can be: first, whether you feel lonely going on vacation as a “one party” and second, whether eating alone, especially dinner, is really inconvenient.

Now that I’ve been to 68 countries and all 50 states, I’ve found 5 good ways to go solo without feeling like you’re “going alone.”

5 Ways To Travel On Your Own Without Going It Alone
5 Ways To Travel On Your Own Without Going It Alone

1. River cruises and small boat trips

I highly recommend the river cruises and the small boats. It is particularly suitable for the first-time solo traveler. However, it’s also great for well-traveled solos in two. This is where destinations like Cambodian boat villages are hard to reach. Second, it works well in places where security is an issue.

Here are the main advantages of such a river and small ships for individual travelers, namely:

– Gives you alone time but with a group for tours and meals

– Can be competitively priced when compared to the segmented approach

Make unpacking a one-time chore

– Work well with land packages

-You often have discounted package rates including flights

2. Decide on your place of residence, and take day trips.

Here are the main advantages of this independent approach:

It gives you the opportunity to choose your own interests and travel style.

Provides more opportunities to interact with the local population.

Gives you a “day off” when you need it.

– Works with a range of budgets.

3. Combine all of the above approaches.

I really prefer this approach when I travel. On New Year’s 17-day solo travel, I toured Southeast Asia. It started with a private taxi tour of Siem Reap, Cambodia. Then I joined a scenic cruise down the Mekong River to Vietnam. On the last stop, I spent five days in a 5-star hotel in Bangkok. On my last stop, I tried all 3 sightseeing routes: 1. Big Bus Tour 2. Private Guide and 3. Self-Guided Subway Tour.

This hybrid approach puts you in the driver’s seat and:

-It will allow you to set your own course while you are free to pick and choose

– It gives you a group of part time travel companions but also alone time

– Makes it possible to follow a budget (or splurge) tailored to what works for you

4. Sign up for a class abroad.

This is now very popular for cooking classes in France and Italy. However, for decades, language classes abroad have attracted students to enroll in short or full summer programs. Add to that the options for photography lessons, skiing, and scuba diving.

Here are the main benefits of this approach.

He. She:

– Provides you with a ready set

– Gives you a local contact to hear what not to miss from the tourist trail

– Make it possible to catch up with classmates for meals or sightseeing

Results of providing local contacts in emergency situations

5. Join a volunteer group or exchange program.

I’ve done this twice. My first trip outside the US was at the age of 18 to join 5 other girls on a YMCA summer project in Trinidad and Tobago. It was the best way to learn about daily life in another country and to take part in community activities.

The benefits were endless. Among them were:

– Meet locals off the typical tourist path

Seeing distant and unusual destinations often

Make volunteer efforts for communities that may have suffered from natural disasters or other hardships.

If you’re new to solo travel, take a look at each of these options. You will be amazed at how quickly solo travel gives you the chance to make new friends for life from all over the world so you can feel more alone!