5 Reasons You Need To Get Chinese Business Cards

5 Reasons You Need To Get Chinese Business Cards

Your business trip is arranged, flight tickets are booked, accommodation is arranged, and your schedule is full. Whether it’s your first visit to China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan, or if you’re a regular visitor to these regions, make sure you don’t forget some Chinese business cards.

A bit of background While China is undoubtedly modernizing by converging management and business styles with those of the West, there is still an element of conservatism that permeates daily life, culture, and work. The continued strict use of business cards is a case in point. Business meetings often begin with an exchange of cards, politely handed to each other with two hands before studying the card and then carefully placing it in its holder.

You may be wondering, do you need to be a part of this, aren’t your English cards enough? Here we explain 5 reasons why you should definitely include some Chinese business cards in your luggage when making that important business trip.

1. Avoid misunderstandings.

Make sure that those you meet fully understand what your business does and also your role in the business. If you are at or near the top of your business hierarchy, you need to make sure this is clear. The Chinese like to think that they are negotiating with those who have the power to make decisions.

2. Demonstrate cultural understanding.

Name card culture is rooted in Chinese culture. Show that you understand the importance of Chinese business cards by making sure that you have your English-Chinese double-sided business cards translated, designed, typeset, and printed professionally. Your hosts will appreciate the trouble you’ve gone to for this.

3. Make it easier for the people you meet.

You may have been communicating using email with your Chinese contact for some time, but this will be your first face-to-face meeting. You may find that, in fact, while their written English is good, their spoken English may be poor. They may not be able to pronounce your name and have little confidence to try. Make it easier for them by having a Chinese translation of your name on your cards. This will help avoid awkward situations that might be embarrassing when you meet.

4. Have some fun.

Choosing the Chinese translation of your name to put on your name tags can be a fun process. Either use Chinese characters that are approximations of the sounds within your English name or choose an original three-character Chinese name using characters with a positive meaning. A company that provides Chinese name card creation services will be able to provide name options to help you with this.

5. The next guy will definitely have Chinese business cards!

Perhaps you want to invest or are looking for a new client or partnership deal. If you haven’t made the effort to arrange Chinese business card printing, the next person they meet probably will. Don’t be put off by something that’s relatively cheap and easy to produce.

I hope that if you are currently on the fence as to whether you need Chinese business cards, the above is of some use to you. Doing business in China can be complicated, so simplify one aspect by ensuring you have some well produced English and Chinese name cards. Visit Chinese business cards online Find out more useful information about buying Chinese business cards.